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  • First NameTodd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley, an American-born entrepreneur & reality star is the patriarch of the Chrisley family; he appears in the reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best (2014- Present).

The president of now-defunct firm Chrisley Asset Management (CAM), Chrisley became a self-made millionaire with a simple idea of buying foreclosed homes & then selling it for a profit.

In 2012, the reality star financial flow turned sour after bankruptcy claims reported at $45 million, however, despite these, Todd’s reality show (premiered in 2014) flashing his extravagant lifestyle showered queries & curiosity on his financial data.

How Much Is Todd Chrisley’s Net Worth In 2020?

Indeed, Chrisley, a real estate investor turned reality star got huge fame & surely a massive fortune through his reality series Chrisley Knows Best.

The show premiered on March 11, 2014, & has already completed 7 season- the Season 8 is set for 2020. Since the very first season (Season 1) with average viewers of 1.16 million, the popularity barely seems to lower down throughout these years.

But, in spite of such career prominence, the 50-year-old reality star has negative (-) $5 million net worth as of March 2020.

Why? Since the 2008 financial crash, Tood’s firm Chrisley Asset Management saw downhill & with the toll of bad investments, Todd Chrisley faced bankruptcy & drowned in debts.

Furthermore, famous for his lavish expenses on luxury: from high-end cars to $300,000-an-year expenses on clothes, is cited to be another cause of the financial disturbance.

Filed Two Bankruptcy: Accusations On Doubtful Fortune & Revelation

Todd claims that 95% of his fortune came through real estate, thanks to his prominence in foreclosed house buying & then flipping through his company Chrisley Asset Management.

But by 2012, the self-made millionaire made highlight with personal bankruptcy & his firm CAM raised media interest even more, as the company filed for corporate bankruptcy in 2013

Reportedly, at that time, the American entrepreneur acquired $4.2 million in total assets, though, the debt amount was a humongous $49 million, leaving the bankruptcy claims of $45 million.

Even more, he claimed to have only 100 in cash and $55 in his checking account, added with $12 million for Atlanta house mortgage and $600,000 in IRS late fees & penalties. 

However, still, Todd was not backing off with hefty expenditure on luxuries- it featured on his reality show Chrisley Know Better, which led speculation on his finance.

Later, the revelation stated that his wife Julie Chrisley received more than $700,000 in transfers from CAM, as per Investopedia & moreover, she had a personal net worth of $3 million.

Bankruptcy Case Settled In 2015

After a series of tug-of-war on claims of bankruptcy, it finally settled in 2015 & Todd, reportedly, was liable to pay only $150,000- a mere amount in comparison to heavy debt mentioned earlier.

But, even now, once a real estate mogul, Todd is on the bust & reportedly is negative on net worth.

Reality TV Series: ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ & Its Spin-Off

Since the run of Chrisley Knows Best in 2014, the reality series totals 144 episodes throughout 7 seasons. Moreover, the show has aired 3 specials:

  1. A Very Chrisley Christmas (December 17, 2014)- Had 1.57 million US viewers
  2. A Very Merry Chrisley (December 7, 2017)- 1.31 million US viewers
  3. Thanksgiving Special (November 21, 2019)

With its success, the production company Maverick Television experimented with a spin-off According to Chrisley (premiered on September 12, 2017) but was canceled after a season.

Since April 2, 2019, the show’s another spin-off Growing Up Chrisley is running; it mainly focuses on Todd & his daughter Savannah.

Residences Worth Millions Of Dollars

In 2016, Todd & his family left their Atlanta, Georgia house & moved to 5,300 sq. ft. home in Nashville bought for $1.6 million.

Reportedly, Chrisley scooped up another house in Brentwood, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, in 2019 for $3.4 million. 

However, after 2 months of purchase, in August, they put the 6-bedroom & 6 full and 4 half bathroom property back in the market for $4.699 million.

As for a fact, Chrisley mentioned in the bankruptcy filing that he had $12 million mortgages on his Atlanta house. 

After bankruptcy settlement, his family moved to Nashville, where there are no state taxes.

Arrested On Charges Of Tax Evasion & Fraud

Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley were arrested on August 14, 2019, on the multiple counts of frauds- it included bank fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, wire fraud & tax evasion.

The duo allegedly dodges their federal tax bills between 2007 and 2012. On August 14, they pleaded not guilty & were released on a bond of $100,000 each.

Father Of 5 Children From 2 Marriages

Todd Chrisley has been married 2 times in his life & divorced once; he is father to a total of 5 children. 

Currently, Todd lives with his second wife Julie Chrisley, they married on May 25, 1996, & shares 3 children: daughter Savannah (August 11, 1997); 2 sons, Chase (June 1, 1996) and Grayson (born in 2006).

Prior to Julie, Todd was in a marital relationship with his first wife named Teresa Terry from 1990 to 1996. While together, they became parents to Lindsie Chrisley (b. September 17, 1989) and Kyle Chrisley (August 29, 1991).

The American entrepreneur & reality star is also grandfather to 2 grandchildren: Chloe Chrisley (from son Kyle) & Jackson Campbell (from daughter Lindsie).

When & Where Was Todd Chrisley Born?

Todd Chrisley was born Michael Todd Chrisley on April 6, 1969, in Georgia, the USA. His father Gene Raymond Chrisley (1935- 2012) was a war veteran while mother Faye Chrisley was a homemaker.

Todd’s mother often is seen on his reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best. He has 2 brothers: Derrick & Randy.

The American reality star stands 5 ft. 10 inches tall. An avid user of Instagram & Twitter, he has over 2 million & 392.9K followers respectively, as of March 2020.