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  • First Name Eliza
  • Last Name Butterworth

Eliza Butterworth is famous in The Last Kingdom, her acting prominence has gathered her showers of love from fans as well as the curiosity in her love life. Since 2015, the 26-year-old English actress appears in the now-Netflix (then aired via BBC) series & portrays Aelswith, the wife of King Alfred the Great and mother of King Edward.

In the Easter past year, Eliza shared an adorable post with her The Last Kingdom co-star Alexander Dreymon on Instagram. It raised eyebrows of many assuming if they might have taken it from reel-life journey to relationship in real life.

So, here comes the major deal, are they dating?

Eliza Butterworth And Alexander Dreymon Are Close But Are Friends Only

Without a doubt, Eliza’s chemistry with Alexander Dreymon is among the wish-list of celebrity couples that many would like to witness. Sadly, it seems out of the league for now.

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Butterworth indeed shares a close bond with Alexander (on-screen Uhtred of Bebbanburg) though they are close friends only. On April 22, 2019, during their travel to Budapest, Hungary, The Last Kingdom actress shared an Instagram post featuring herself & Dreymon with the caption:

“Happy Easter from Lord Uthred and I!  I am no longer Lady Aelswith…..just call me the Lady of Bebbanburg!”

Eliza’s adorable posts with co-star Alexander led their dating rumors; they are friends in real life

Source: Instagram @elizabutterworth

It sure did intensify the dating rumors & made many of us surf over their social media accounts over & over again. Though it seems Butterworth and Dreymon are willing to keep their relationship to friendship only.

Nevertheless, over the years, the acting industry has witnessed many co-stars dating each other.

Butterworth Often Shares Snap Of Her Boyfriend On Instagram: Who Is She Dating?

While some celebrities find love of their life in the same genre of their passion, some tend to be with someone out of the industry; the same goes for Eliza Butterworth. She is dating a guy named James Anton Valentine Moore & often shares romantic moments with her boyfriend on Instagram.

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No update on James’ profession is out; as of May 2020, his Instagram (@james_avm) has only 3 posts & 260 followers.

The 5 ft. 6 inches tall actress is yet to open up about her courtship, but seems to be dating for years. She first shared the photo with her boyfriend in June 2017.

Eliza Butterworth and her boyfriend James

Source: Source: Instagram @elizabutterworth

The couple seems to be going strong, though are yet to announce any plans of engagement or marriage meanwhile.

No report on Eliza’s ex-boyfriend or any other dating story ever came up.

Relationship Status Of Other Casts Of ‘The Last Kingdom’

  1. Alexander Dreymon- He plays Uhtred of Bebbanburg is single at the moment & was previously in a relationship with Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou in 2010.
  2. David Dawson- Eliza’s on-screen husband David who portrayed King Alfred (series 1-3) is low-key about his personal life & barely makes any public appearance.
  3. Millie Brady- Since Series 2 of The Last Kingdom, she appears as Princess Aethelflaed & is dating English actor Charley Palmer Rothwell since 2015. Millie was formerly in a relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles & broke up shortly in 2013.
  4. Arnas Fedaravičius- The Lithuanian actor and producer stars as Sihtric in the series & is dating Dutch model Sarah Warnaar since 2017.
  5. Emily Cox- The Vienna, Austria-born British actress is single at the moment & focuses on her acting career; she plays Brida in The Last Kingdom. She was in a rumored relationship with her co-star Alexander Dreymon, however, the news never received confirmation.
  6. Mark Rowley- Rowley plays Finan in the Netflix series; he is dating his girlfriend Zoe Barker since 2017.
  7. Eva Birthistle- She is an Irish actress & writer who plays Hild in The Last Kingdom. Married twice, Eva lives with her second husband Ross, an acupuncturist; they share 2 children. Previously, the actress was in a marital relationship with Raife Patrick Burchell, they married in 2006 & divorced later.
  8. James Northcote (plays Aldhelm)- The English actor is married to Elisabeth Hopper, an actress & producer; they married in March 2019.

Eliza Butterworth’s Weight Loss: Did She Underwent Surgery?

Since the British historical fiction series, The Last Kingdom, premiered on October 10, 2015, Butterworth’s transformation over the years has amazed her fans. Coming to Series 4 (April 26, 2020) of the now-Netflix released series, Eliza’s alluring looks have surfaced the rumors of her weight loss surgery.

While some fans theorize of Butterworth going under the knife, some stick with claims on strict diet plans. However, the English actress is yet to talk on those issues.

Eliza Butterworth’s comparison then & now

Born & raised in Lincolnshire, England, Eliza attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) & graduated in 2014 with BA Hons in Acting.