A Devastating Story Of A Women Who Lost Her Home And Business Following The Floods In The Yorkshire, Doncaster 

“I’ve Lost My Home, My Business, Everything”; Says One Of The Victims Caused By The Destructive Floods In The Doncaster The Traumatic experience of a woman named Pam Webb who lost everything she owned because of a flood that hit the Yorkshire village of Fishlake, Doncaster.  Entrepreneur Webb has revealed that the natural disaster has […]

How Lavish Is The Life Of Elton John? List Of His Houses And Wheels

British pianist, singer, songwriter, and producer Elton John own five villas in different places. The Rocketman hitmaker is also known for his lavish choices, and his mansions definitely live up to that. Moreover, Elton also earns different expensive things and has unique collections as well. Here are all the details.      How Lavish Is […]

Kanye West Is Worth $3.3 Billion, Finances House, Salary

Kanye West, the self-proclaimed ‘greatest artist that God has ever created’ claims, is a billionaire as of April 2020. The news broke after he claimed he is worth $3.3 Billion while Forbes, claims the rapper is worth around $1.3 Billion. West has been a controversial figure ever since his rise to stardom, but a rant […]