Quick Facts of

  • First NameJaryd
  • Last NameLazar
  • Net Worth$ 8 million
  • CareerYouTuber
  • Age35 Years
  • Height5 Feet 6 inches

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Jaryd Lazar Aka Summit1g?  

As of 2022, Jaryd Lazar owns a net worth of $8 million. Jaryd Lazar, popular by his gaming name Summit1g, is an internet personality who rose fame to stardom via live streaming video on his Twitch and YouTube channel. 

He established himself as an Internet sensation through his keen interest and strategy in games. 

Summit1g have a decent inflow of money from his online profession, what do you think is his net worth? Here know about Summit1g’s net worth, salary, income sources, endorsements, age, girlfriend, wife, married life and personal details. Also, get to know about his revenue from YouTube and Twitch.

Summit1g Owns a Net Worth of $8 million, Salary, Income Sources: Twitch & YouTube Earning

Summit1g is estimated to have a total wealth of $8 million, as of July 2022.  

He mainly earns his fortune through his professional career as a streamer, YouTuber and Gamer. In the United States, a YouTube Personality makes an average salary of $87,000 per year. 

The payroll actually ranges from $55,000 to $136,000. As a matter of fact, the YouTuber hourly earns $30. 

Having a keen interest in video games since childhood, he earned the popularity only in 2012 after he joined Exertus Sports. In the following time, he became more popular and started to be more active in social media including Twitch, YouTube, Instagram.

He is considered one of the popular Twitch stars such as Shroud, Ninja, Markiplier, Imaqtpie, and Jacksepticeye. 

Earnings Throughout The Years: Revenue From Twitch

YearsNet Worth
2017$1.4 million
2016$1.1 million
2015$650 thousand
2014$400 thousand
2013$200 thousand

In Twitch, he has over $3.7 million followers as of April 2019. As per a verified source Huffing Post, he makes $5 per each subscriber which leads him to make over $46,000 solely from the subscribers.

Likewise, the same source confirmed that he gets $37.50 from the advertisements played per hour. Similarly, he makes $3,300 per month, $825 per week and over $39,000 as annual income.  

Here is one of the videos of Summit1G

Do You Know? Summit1g gained most of the views after he streamed the pre-fight conference between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

How Much Does Jaryd Lazar Earn From YouTube?

On the other hand, he also earns from his YouTube channel. He earns $230 – $3.7k per month and his estimated yearly earning through YouTube are approximate $2.8k to $44.2k.

Gaming Career

Apart from their professional career in streaming, he also made money through his former eminent career as a gamer. He earned a reasonable sum and boosted his net worth to the next level. 

In 2013, he won $3,000 after being 7th in ESEA Invite Season 15. He also received the cash prize of $29,000 from the Alienware gaming Community.

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He became popular for playing video games like H1Z1, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, GTA V, Sea of Thieves and many more.

Endorsements Income

Apart from his career on gaming and streaming, he earns well from the endorsement deals, promotional ads, sponsorships, and lucrative agreements.

Till date, he has endorsed many popular companies and famous brands including Monster, Corsair, CyberpowerPC, and many more.

There is no doubt that he gathers a huge sum of money from the deals and promotions.

Charity Works

Summit1g is earning huge money from his career. Moreover, he is also engaged in charities as well as donates the gigantic sum of money to Gamers Outreach as a humanitarian cum philanthropist.

The organization Gamers Outreach provides therapies and organizes recreational activates through video games to various children in the hospitals.

Assets, Expenses, Lifestyle, House, Car, Insurance

He is living a happy life with his parents and other family members in the lavish house in Colorado Springs. The house features different gaming and streaming room for him. 

Apart from the lavish house he also owns a Nissan GT-R worth at least $175,540.

Source: YouTube

He has not disclosed further information about his wealth, insurance and taxes. Talking about his expenses, he spends most of his income on dresses, mechanical equipment, and many others.

Social Media Status: Instagram & Twitter

Apart from engagements on Twitch and games, Summit1g is also active on a few social media sites. 

He has a follower of around 868k on Twitter, however, he does not seem to have and any Instagram account. 

Although the details about his earnings from Twitter is not identified yet, but considering the number of follower on his official Twitter profile, we can come to the conclusion that his twitter has a huge earning potential.

Summit1g Personal Details, Age, Relationship Status, Marriage, Divorce, Girlfriend, Relationship Status

Summit1g was born Jaryd Lazar on 23 April 1987 in Colorado, the United States. He was raised by his parents along with his little brother. He holds American nationality. 

Relationship, Marriage, And Divorce

Regarding her relationship status, he was married. He was married to his longtime girlfriend Desirae Lazar. Desirae was a manager and Twitch streamer. They were married in 2007 and divorced in 2016.

A source revealed that before they married each other, they were best friends for almost nine years. The divorced couple still shares a good bond as friends.  

As of now, he is dating a fellow Twitch streamer Caroline who is popular with the nickname lilchiipmunk. Other than that, there is no further information about the couple.

Age And Height

As of 2022, Summit1g’s age is 35 years old and stands at the height of 5 ft 6 inches or 167 cm.