Quick Facts of

  • First NameShirley Caesar
  • Net Worth$ 16 million
  • CareerSinger

American gospel singer Shirley Caesar started his career more than 70 years ago in 1951. Her extensive career and tremendous talents have made her a well-known name among music fans. The fans have lovingly called her the First Lady of Gospel ever since she released her album.    

The 12-time Grammy winner has also made millions from her career as a singer. Some of her best-received songs are First Lady, From The Heart, A Miracle in Harlem, etc.                

How Much Is The Of Net Worth Of Shirley Caesar?

Shirley Caesar is worth $16 million as of January 2020; she made these riches from a stellar career that has spanned over seven decades.    

Caesar’s fortune is $16 million as of January 2020   Source: Discogs

Her career first started after she joined the gospel group The Caravans in 1958. The singer left the group in eight years later after she was offered a solo deal from Hob Records. She worked with them till 1975 and left as she needed to reach a larger audience than the label could provide.             

The 81-year-old Shirley Caesar the first woman to sign and sing for Roadshow Records in 1977.    

The label released her debut album, First Lady the same year, and although it did not do well commercially, the first lady tag caught on. This would become her best-known alias, and people would know her as the First Lady of Gospel from then on. 

Work With Word Records    

She released another album with the label before signing on with the gospel label Word Records in 1980.

Caesar signed with Word Records in 1980   Source: Eur Web

This would become her best career move because she skyrocketed after she released some albums with this label. In fact, she won multiple Grammys due to her work with the label. She also got to work with some other stars of gospel-like Whitney Houston and Tye Tribbett.    

During the initial stages of her career, she was considered somewhat of an outsider to the gospel music community, but she later became a legendary name in gospel music with a plethora of awards.   

In addition to the millions of records sold, she also has some acting credits to her name. She worked alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyoncé in the film Fighting Temptations.

Her old age has not affected her too much as she is still active as a singer who gives regular performances at her church and in concert.   

Donations And Charitable Contributions  

As a multimillionaire who earns hundreds of thousands from her concerts, she has donated a lot of money to charitable causes, especially through her ministry.

As a matter of fact, her ministry has conducted a lot of programs to provide shelter, clothes, food, etc. to the needy.  

Short Biography

Shirley Caesar was born Shirley Ann Caesar-Williams on October 13, 1938, in Durham, North Carolina, the U.S to James Caesar and Hallie Caesar.    

Shirley Ann Caesar-Williams with husband Bishop Harold   Source: The Church Lady Blogs

She grew up with 12 siblings and had to take care of her mother after her father passed away when Shirley was seven years old, her mother also passed away in 1986.  

Although she couldn’t complete her higher education during the early stages of her life, she later went to Shaw University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1984. Additionally, she has received honorary degrees from Shaw University and Southeastern University.

Regarding her relationships, she got married to Bishop Harold I Williams. The couple was together until Williams’ death on July 4, 2014. Caesar-Williams never remarried after her husband’s death.  

The couple was co-pastors at the church Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church. She carried on as pastor after her husband’s death but later appointed an executive pastor who handles the ministries outreach programs.