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  • First NameShira Piven

Shira Piven has been in the limelight since birth all thanks to her prominent actor-parents Joyce Piven and Byrne Piven. Her younger brother Jeremy Piven also has built a triumphant career in the show business. 

The 58-year-old Shira is a movie director better known for her work in a 2014 comedy-drama Welcome to Me. Prior to her family background and professional accomplishments, Piven also attracted huge attention as a wife of the famed director and producer Adam McKay

What Is The Net Worth Of Shira Piven? 

As per estimation made by various authorized online sources, Shira Piven owns $1 million net worth. She mainly makes money through her directorial job and sporadical acting appearances.  

Shira directed the movie Welcome to Me in 2014. It grossed $625,727 at the box office worldwide. As per PaySclae, the film director’s salary ranges from $32k to $150k a year. 

Piven is also credited for directing over twenty plays, most of them in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. She also the director as well as a co-founder of Burn Manhattan Spontaneous Theatre. 

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Besides, Piven also workes on the Creative Council of Represent.Us, a nonpartisan anti-corruption entity. 

Shira Piven’s Relationship With Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven is Shira Piven’s younger brother who shot to fame after playing the award-winning role of Ari Gold in the comedy series Entourage. He appeared on the show from 2004-11.

Jeremy was initially paid $350,000 per episode and started getting huge payment after he snagged the lead role during its eight seasons. He earned a total of around $15 million from the project. 

In 2003, the actor was also a cast in Scary Movie 3 that made $220.7 million at the box office. The movie starred Anna Faris, Anthony Anderson, and Kevin Hart.

Additionally, Jeremy also featured in a 2015 Entourage movie and received a $2 million of a paycheque. 

Grew Up In a Family Of Actors

Shira Piven was born on 8th October 1961, in the United States. She is the daughter of Joyce Piven, a director, an actress, and Byrne Piven, an actor. She was raised in a Jewish family with her younger brother Jeremy Piven. 

Shira attended Bennington College and graduated in 1983.

Husband And Children 

Shira Piven tied the knot with Adam McKay in 1999. It has been over two decades the two are still together and leading a happy married forever. 

They are also blessed with two daughters named Lili Rose McKay and Pearl Mckay

What Is Adam McKay Net Worth? 

Adam McKay is one of the most successful comedians who has $40 million net worth as of 2020. Adam previously owned a house in Los Angeles, California. He purchased the 2,887 sq ft property back in September of 2003 for $1.485 million, as per public records.  

It features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The director sold the mansion in May 2014 for $2 million. Adam currently resides in his new home located in a historic residential neighborhood of Hancock Park in the central region of Los Angeles