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  • First NameRoman Polanski

Roman Polanski is a Polish-French actor, film director, producer and writer. He has been the part of many movies and TV shows like An Officer and a Spy, Based on a True Story.

Besides, despite all the fame coming from his professional accomplishments, he is also in the media for his controversy concerning his sexual misconduct with a 13 years old girl.

Well, let’s discuss his career, net worth, salary, and all his controversy.

Roman Polanski Owns a Net Worth of $45 Million

AS of 2020, Celebrity Net Worth claims Roman Polanski’s net worth at $45 million. 

While, he is paid pretty well as an actor, he also makes a pretty good sum as a writer, director and producer.

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How Much Is Her Salary?

Reportedly, Roman receives a decent sum as his salary from his career. As of 2020, his annual salary is estimated at $7.65 Millions.

Similarly, his monthly salary sits at $637,500. This at the end marks her salary to be $147,115.38 on a weekly basis.

Movies and Other Works

Polanski made his film debut in the 1953 film Trzy opowieści. Shortly after this, he appeared a several other films that include Zaczarowany rower, Rower, Pokolenie, Dwaj ludzie z szafą, and many others.

By 2008, he appeared in a about a dozen of movies after which he took a hiatus from acting for about 10 years and in 2019 he appeared in An Officer and a Spy.

Talking about his career as a director, he made his directorial debut with 1962 film Knife in the Water, and subsequently directed films like Les plus belles escroqueries du monde, A Day at the Beach, Chinatown.   

Recently in 2017, he directed Based on a True Story, and in 2019, he both wrote and directed An Officer and a Spy

Similarly, he has also been the part of short films like A Therapy, Ssaki, Le Gros et le Maigre, Gdy spadaja anioly, Lampa, and many others.

Apparently, for all these works, he apparently received a pretty decent salary.

Movies & Their Box office Collection

Needless to say, he has been the part of many successful movies and TV shows which has been hugely successful. 

Here we have listed some of his movies with their box office collection.

Movies Box Office Collection
Venus in Fur $8,350,000
Carnage $27,600,000
Rush Hour 3 $258,020,000
The Pianist $120,070,000

Roman Polanski House

While the details about his present residence is not known, back in in 1969, he along with his wife lived in a house above Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills.

The house that spread in 3.3 acre took 2 years to build, starting from 1942 to 1944. 

The house also featured main residence spreading in 3,200 square foot and guest cottage in around 2,000 square foot.

The house was demolished 1994. Well, before his demolition of the house, several other Hollywood celebrity resided in the building.  

Controversy: Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

Polanski was pledged guilty of sexual misconduct. In fact, he was even charged for the crime but in 1978, he fled United States.

He reportedly claimed guilty of Drugging and raping a minor, a girl merely 13 years of age.

Ever since he fled US, he has been in France and is also a of subject of an Interpol red notice that has issued arrest warrant.