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  • First NamePenn Jillette

Penn Jillette is one of the world’s best-known magicians who is popular for his affiliation with Teller as part of the famous magic-comedy duo Penn & Teller. He is also well known for his stance as an atheist.

Jillette is also a well-known celebrity on-screen, which has had multiple shows and appearances on various films and TV projects. As a matter of fact, he first appeared on TV in 1985 on Public Television.

What Is The Net Worth Of Magician Penn Jillette?

Penn Jillette has a staggering net worth of around $175 Million as of April 2020. He made this net worth primarily from a career as a celebrity magician and TV personality.

Jillette is one of the highest-earning magicians in the world who, along with Teller, raked in $31.5 million in 2015 from their various shows.

Homes In Las Vegas  

Penn spent almost 20 years building a house in Las Vegas. He built the house on a 9-acre piece of land in 1982. 

After building it in 1982, he spent the next 2 decades expanding the property. The house features a 14-seat movie room, seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Similarly, the estate nicknamed ‘The Slammer’ has 7,900 square feet of living space. He himself has commented on the house’s design saying, “It’s the house of a 12-year-old with a lot of money”. He later sold the house for $1.88 Million in December 2017.

Before selling the Slammer, he moved into another house in Vegas for $3.3 Million in April 2015. The original price for the house was $3,675,000 in September 2014. The estate is spread over 7,808 sq. ft.

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The house has 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths built on 0.4 acres of land. The estimated value of the house in April 2020 as per Realtor is $4,207,500.

Does He Own Lavish Cars?

Penn also has expensive cars in his assets, he uses Two 2005 Mini Coopers, which he uses as his daily driver. The cost of this car is around $24,900 in the US. Similarly, he also drives around in a GMC Yukon Denali, whose price is around $49,600.

In an interview with Motor trend, he said that the first car he ever bought was a 1970s Datsun B210 station wagon.

Career Beginnings

Jillette initially started out as a bass player for the band, Bongos, Bass and Bob. Jillette then took up a hosting gig for the Residents in 1983. During his initial days, he also wrote a column for the PC/Computing magazine.

He lent his voice to Comedy Central and was their primary voice announcer. He then appeared in the popular TV show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, in a recurring role, which paved the way for him to enter into show business.

Penn & Teller

The magic-comedy duo Penn & Teller is one of the best-known performer duos in show business. The started performing together in the 1970s and have had multiple shows together.

Magic’s most popular pair also have a huge array of tricks for the audience and are especially known for their card tricks.

One of their popular TV shows includes Penn & Teller: Fool Us, which gives people to showcase their illusion and magic skills in front of the magic duo. 


Penn has also been in some massive donations to charities; he once donated $663,655 to Opportunity Village after going on Celebrity Apprentice in 2013.

He has also supported views on libertarianism and the end of the expensive War On Drugs.

Short Biography

Penn Jillette was born Penn Fraser Jillette on March 5, 1955, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, U.S. to Samuel H. Jillette and Valda R. Jillette. He developed a trait that would later define Penn for the rest of his life when he was a teenager; he became an atheist after reading the Bible. 

To this day, Penn has remained an outspoken atheist and has also published a best-selling book on atheism.

The magician is recognized instantly by fans as he stands 6 feet 5 inches (199 cm) tall towering over most of his peers.

He is married to Emily Jillette as of April 2020 and has two children with her Zolten and Moxie CrimeFighter. He tied the knot with Emily on November 23, 2004.