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  • First NameNate Robinson
  • Net Worth13 Million
  • CareerPlayer

Despite being of shorter stature than other athletes, Nate Robinson is often regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential basketball players in NBA history. The 5ft 9-inch tall player Robinson has played for many known basketball teams such as New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, and Golden State Warriors.      

Simpson is now on a hiatus due to the injury he suffered while playing for Homenetmen Beirut in the summer of 2018.         

What Is The Net Worth Of Nate Robinson In 2020?      

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nate Robinson owns a net worth of $13 million, as of 2020. He primarily makes money from his club’s salary and a lucrative endorsement deal with many brands.  

The American basketball player Nate Robinson   Image Source: YouTube

Here are the exclusive details of the salary he received from his association with different clubs,    

Club Salary 
Oklahoma City Thunder (2011)$4.5 million 
Chicago Bulls (2012)$1.1 million 
Denver Nuggets (2013)$2.016 million 
Boston Celtics (2014)$1.4 million 
Los Angeles Clippers (2014)$77,400
New York Knicks (2005)$1.1 million 
New York Knicks (2007)$1.2 million 
New York (2008)$2.02 million 
Boston Celtics (2009)$4 million 
Oklahoma City Thunder (2010)$4.2 million 
Golden State Warriors (2011)$791,000

In 2015, Robinson signed a $1.4 million contract with New Orleans Pelicans.   

Where Does Robinson Reside?     

Nate Robinson currently lives in Sammamish, Washington. According to public records, he bought the property for $2.15 million in 2009.  

Car Collection   

Besides, Nate Robinson also has many luxurious car collections. He is a proud owner of Cadillac CTS-V ($86,995), Porsche Panamera aka ($91,800-$98,000), Range Rover Sport Supercharged ($114,500), and 1972 Pontiac Firebird ($35995). 

Nate Robinson’s Range Rover   Image Source: Pinterest 

He also has a 2005 Hummer H2. 

Earnings From Endorsement Deal   

James Robinson has accumulated additional wealth from his numerous endorsement deals. On the other side, the player also makes an agreeable riches from his business endeavors.

In collaboration with two-time NBA All-Star Carlos Boozer, Robinson started the brand called HOLDAT. It features trousers, t-shirts as well as a jumper. James often shares his brands’ promotional posts on his social media. As of 2020, his Instagram clocked up over 2.2 million followers.   

Besides, Robinson also authored a book called Heart Over Height, which is priced $3.99 for Kindle and $11.99 for Paperback on Amazon.   

Who Is James Robinson?   

James Robinson was born on May 31, 1984, in Seattle, Washington. He is the son of Jacque Robinson and Renee Busch. He has three siblings; two brothers Deron Isaiah Robinson and Anthony Stewart and a sister Jasmine Stewart

Does He Have a Wife? 

James Robinson is not married yet. But, the former NBA journeyman and three-time Slam Dunk Contest champion, Robinson has been in a with Sheena Felitz.   

James Robinson with his partner Sheena and three kids.    Image Source: Bella Naija

The couple is blessed with three children, two sons Ny’ ale Cameron Robinson, born in 2006 and Nahmier Robinson, born in 2004, and a daughter Navyi Caiann Robinson, born in 2009. 

Nate also has a son named Nasir Chakur Robinson, born in 2015. The information regarding his biological mother is still missing.