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  • First NameJordan
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How Much Is The Net Worth Of Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million as of 2020. He gathers his riches from his career as a Canadian clinical psychologist, an author, and a professor of psychology.       

Other than that, he specializes in areas including ideological belief, personality psychology, creativity psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, and the psychology of religion. 

Dr. Jordan Peterson 

Initially, Peterson started his career as a teacher as an assistant professor in the psychology department at Harvard University. He served there from July 1993 to June 1998 and resided in Arlington, Massachusetts. 

After calling it quits from Harvard University, he returned to Canada and joined as a full-time professor at the University of Toronto.  

In 2018, he took a hiatus break from teaching and maintained his career as an author. He has authored and co-authored over 100 academic papers and continuing his clinical practice, checks an average of 20 people a week.  

According to a reliable source, the average salary of a psychologist in Canada is estimated to be around $49.98 per hour or $97 thousand per year. The paycheck can range from $54 thousand to $165 thousand per year.   

According to a reliable source, the average salary of a He temporarily stopped checking people in 2017. 

Aside from academic papers, he has written books, namely 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos ($25.95), Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief ($170.00), Peacemaking Among Higher-Order Primates, and Political Correctness: The Munk Debates ($10.13). 

How Much Does Jordan Peterson Earn Per Year? Salary And Earnings

In an interview in 2018, the professor of psychology revealed that he earns around $80 thousand per month from Patreon, making him $960 thousand a year. However, he decided to closed his Patreon account as well as his around a million income source.  

He added, he gets $1.50 royalty from each book, and around 10 thousand copies are sold a week, which means Peterson gets $1.56 million from books sales alone.     

Similarly, Jordan Peterson disclosed that, in late 2018, he earned the paychecks of $3.7 million to $5.3 million from his tours and events. As per a verified site, he charges $35 thousand to $50 thousand to speak in an event.   

Summarizing, in total, the clinical psychologist, a public speaker, and creator of Self Authoring earns somewhere around $8.63 million to $10.22 million in a year.   

Social Media Earnings And Podcast

From Instagram, Peterson is reported to add $2,423.25 to $4,038.75 per sponsored post. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, with an average engagement rate of 4.10%. 

Likewise, his earnings from his self-titled YouTube channel are $1.4 thousand to $22.4 thousand per month and $16.8 thousand to $269.1 thousand per year.  

Apart from appearing on many podcasts and online shows, he started a podcast, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast. 

Merchandise Sales And Business Ventures 

On the other hand, the Self Authoring and Understand Myself founder makes a reasonable sum of money from his merchandise sales and business ventures running through his official site. 

The merch includes posters, cups, stickers, phone cover, case, pillow, bags, hoodies, Tee-shirts, socks, and many other products. The price of items ranges from $8 to $54 per piece. 

Also, he pockets from his online courses and lectures. He charges $140 for enrollment. 


Canadian government’s Bill C-16 added gender identity discrimination and the gender pay gap which Jordan spoke against at a Canadian Senate Committee and Constitutional Affairs. 

In June 2018, Peterson filed a lawsuit against Wilfrid Laurier University worth $1.5 million; however, the case was dismissed in September 2018. 

The same year, a feminist philosopher called him a stereotypical postmodernist. In response, he said: I’m Not Anti-Feminist

Where Does Jordan Peterson Live?  

Jordan Peterson currently resides in Toronto, Canada, with his family. 

The median house price in the area is around CA$485,000 to CA$4,750,000. 

Short Biography

Jordan Peterson was born on 12 June 1962 as Jordan Bernt Peterson. He was born to Walter Peterson and his wife in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  

Born in a Canadian family, he holds a Canadian nationality and belongs to the mixed ethnic background. As of 2020, Peterson is 57 years old. He is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) and weighs around 80 kg (176 pounds). 

Regarding his education, he has an Alma mater from the University of Alberta and McGill University. 

Blissful Married Life

A successful Canadian professor also enjoys a successful conjugal life. He walked down the aisle with Tammy Roberts in 1989. 

The couple is blessed with two children, one son, and one daughter.