Quick Facts of

  • First NameJonathan
  • Middle NameDwight
  • Last NameJones
  • Net Worth$ 10 million
  • CareerFighter
  • Age34 Years
  • Height6 Feet 4 inches
  • MotherCamille Jones
  • FatherArthur Jones Jr.

How Much Is UFC Superstar Jon Jones’ Net Worth?

Jon Jones is worth $10 million as of June 2022. He is an American MMA fighter and UFC superstar who has been active as a fighter for more than a decade. The Black Belt in Gaidojutsu and Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has only lost one match once that too by disqualification as of 7 July 2019.  

He is a controversial figure in the world of MMA and is as infamous for his controversies as for his adaptive fighting style and graceful technique inside the octagon. He also uses a wide range of fighting techniques in a fight.  

His Net Worth Is $10 Million: Income Sources, Salary & Earnings

Jon Jones has been active as a professional since 2008 and has established himself as one of the best fighters in the UFC. He has amassed a net worth of $10 million as of June 2022.

The bulk of his earnings is from his career as a fighter in the octagon. He has earned hundreds of thousands for every fight and we have listed his earnings from some matches below:

UFC 87$12,000
UFC 94$14,000
UFC 100$18,000
TUF 10 Finale$20,000
UFC on Versus 1$90,000
UFC on Versus 2$46,000
UFC 126$215,000
UFC 128$140,000
UFC 135$275,000
UFC 140$475,000
UFC 145$400,000
UFC 152$465,000
UFC 159$400,000
UFC 165$450,000
UFC 172$400,000
UFC 182$550,000
UFC 197$530,000
UFC 214$580,000
UFC 232$500,000
UFC 235$500,000

As we can see the superstar has earned a lot of money all throughout his career and it is the mains source of his income. As per data from Sportskeeda he has earned over $5 million from his fights.

Other athletes are worth: Dwyane Wade ($120 million), Tristan Thompson ($35 million) and Allen Iverson ($1 million)

Jon Earned $1.25 million From 3 Matches

In the year 2013 and 2014, Jon had 3 matches out of which he made a total of $1.25 million. 

As per the report, his base salary for each fight was around $400,000. Also, for his September 2013 match, he received $50,000 extra for Fight of the Night honor.

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Also, as per recent reports, Jon charges $500,000 per UFC main card fight.

His Earning For Every Fight

His first UFC fight was against Andre Gusamo. For the given fight he received a sum of $12000. 

For his second and third fight, he earned $14000 and $18000 respectively. 

His next victory was in the 5th and 6th match against Brandon Vera and Vladimir Matyushenko for which he took home $90,000 and $46,000 respectively.

Assets, House, Cars, Lifestyle & Expenses

Bones, as he is known, has also spent a lot of money on houses and lives in a house in Ithaca, New York. 

He bought the house for $675,000 in 2011 and listed it for $750,000 in 2017 but the house has not been sold as of July 2019.

Sportskeeda also reports that he has 2 houses whose total worth is over $3 million.

He Owns Some Expensive Cars

He also has a luxurious car collection which includes a Nissan Armada and a Cadillac CTS-V. The Nissan Armada’s starting price is around $64,725 and the $55690 price starts at around $55,690.

Instagram Earnings, Tax & Insurance

The extremely popular fighter has over 4.1 million followers on Instagram as of July 2019 according to Influencerbay, he earns around $5,404 to $9,264 per post made on the social media platform.

The martial arts extraordinaire might also pay hefty income, property and vehicle taxes as per the laws of his state and county.

Jones might also have insurance, especially of his health, body, and life as he is an MMA fighter. Interestingly he was once in trouble with the law for not having insurance of his vehicle.

Endorsements & Charity

Bones is also endorsed by various brands including the multinational sportswear brand Nike, Reebok, MuscleTech, and GAT Supplements among others. 

The almost perfect fight record holder is also a charitable athlete who raised money for The Pediatric Cancer Foundation. He and his team also held a charity event on Christmas Eve.  

Jones also once offered $100K to charity on the condition that Daniel Cormier would win in a fight against him in December 2018.

Jon Jones’ Personal Life: Record, Brothers, Wife, Age, Height  

Jon Jones was born Jonathan Dwight Jones on July 19, 1987, to father Arthur Jones Jr. and mother Camille Jones. 

He is 34 years old as of June 2022 and stands at 6 feet 4 inches or 193 cm. He studied at Union-Endicott High School where he was the state champion in wrestling.     

He also has 2 brothers named Chandler Jones and Arthur Jones. Jones then went to Iowa Central Community College and later transferred to Morrisville State College. 

As of 7 July 2019, he has an impressive 24-1-0 record which means that he has only lost one fight up to now.

Jon Jones Wife: Is He Married?

Jon is not married yet but he is engaged to Jessie Moses as of June 2022. 

He has 3 daughters with Moses named Leah (born 2008), Carmen Nicole Jones (born 2009) and Olivia Haven (born 2013).

Though Jon and Jessie are not officially married, he refers to her as his wife on social media posts. Talking of his relationship with Jessie, he once in an interview said,

We’re happy, man. We’re happy. We’re functional. We make a great team. She’s a phenomenal mother, caretaker. I’m a phenomenal provider, father. Team Jones,