Quick Facts of

  • First NameJim
  • Last NameGaffigan
  • Net Worth$ 30 million
  • CareerActor, Comedian, Writer

Jim Gaffigan, the 5 times Grammy-nominated American stand-up comedian, actor & writer, is among inspiring comedy figures; he made the journey from TV commercials to comedy success.

Traded for comically voicing “internal monologue” of the audience in high-pitch, Gaffigan, turned professional in 1991, has released 12 comedy special albums while the acting credits record 104 so far.

Jim’s staggering career & earnings have earned a place in the millionaire club & is considered one the highest-earning comedians of 2019.

How Much Is Net Worth Of Jim Gaffigan In 2020?

With a widespread career, either it is stand-up comedy, movie or TV series, it seems Jim’s steps are on run to grab success. With nearly 3 decades in entertainment, Gaffigan’s career along with fame enjoys him a shower of hefty fortune.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 53-year-old native of Illinois has a net worth of $25 million as of March 2020, while Forbes estimates his fortune somewhere around $30.5 million.

Indeed, Jim Gaffigan’s career as a stand-up comedian geared him up it’s no doubt he is recognized as one of the highest-earning comedians.

In 2016, he earned $12.5 million & racked in $18 million from his various endeavors between June 2017- June 2019.

Ditched Netflix & Way To Forbes Top-3 List In 2019

When it comes to money & fame showers, Netflix has been quite a handy platform to turn up the heat- Aziz Ansari and Ali Wong got their breakthrough from Netflix specials.

Even if Jim, in 2016, agreed to join forces with Netflix for comedy special releases, the comedian cut off ties in 2018.

Later, Gaffigan teamed with Comedy Dynamics, an independent producer & released the 2019 comedy album Quality Time.

As per Forbes’ report of August 2019, Jim ranked No. 3 among the top-earning comedians with $30 million (earnings of June 1, 2018- June 1, 2019), just ahead of Daily Show host Trevor Noah (ranked No. 4) with $28 million revenue record.

The Top-2 earning comedians were Kevin Hart (#1) with $59 million & Jerry Seinfeld (#2) with $41 million.

Surely, it was a huge bet on self by Jim Gaffigan that turned fruitful, but it can’t also be denied that Netflix has proved cash-mines with multi-year deals for comedy stars like Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld.

Did you know? With Netflix, his first special was ‘Cinco’ (released in 2017) that made a sum in the 7-digit figure.

Grammy Award Nominations From Comedy Albums

Inspired by David Letterman and Bill Murray, the  6ft. tall comedian began his stand-up career after moving to New York in 1990.

After struggling for years, Jim released his debut comedy album Luigi’s Doghouse in 2001 & subsequently released another album Economics II (2001).

Since then, the stand-up comedian has released further 10 albums, totaling 12 albums so far & out of them, 5 were nominated for Grammy Award.

Here is the list of comedy albums of Jim Gaffigan:

  1. Luigi’s Doghouse (2001)
  2. Economics II (2001)
  3. More Moo Moos (2003)
  4. The Last Supper (2004)
  5. Doing My Time (2004)
  6. Beyond the Pale (2006) 
  7. King Baby (2009)
  8. Mr. Universe (2012)- Grammy Award Nomination
  9. Obsessed (2014)- Grammy Award Nomination
  10. Cinco (2017)- Grammy Award Nomination
  11. Noble Ape (2018)- Grammy Nomination
  12. Quality Time (2019)- Grammy Nomination

What Did Jim Do Before Fame?

Before Gaffigan started to work as a stand-up comedian in 1990, he appeared in TV commercials & has appeared in over 200 commercials that include Rolling Rock, Saturn, Chrysler and ESPN.

Reportedly, he replaced Norm Macdonald as Colonel Sanders in the KFC Commercials in February 2016.

Acting Career: Movies & TV Series

As of March 2020, the American actor cum stand-up comedian records 104 acting credits, including movies & TV series. 

In 1998, Jim made his TV debut through sitcom Soul Man & also got his film debut the same year- appeared in The Real Howard Spitz.

Some of his commercial-hit movie appearances include:

  1. Three Kings (1999) starring George Clooney- $107.7 million gross (over the budget of $48 million)
  2. 17 Again (2009) featuring Zac Efron- $136.3 million in the box office ($20 million budget)
  3. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018; voice-over)- $528.6 million ($80 million)

Even though most of Jim’s movies were not a commercial success, but were critically acclaimed: Hamlet (2000), Hacks (2002), Stephanie Daley (2006), Experimenter (2015), Light from Light (2019) and Tesla (2020),.

Having appeared in TV series Law & Order and Welcome to New York (2001- 2002), Jim’s TV recognition came after he played Rusty Carnouk in The Ellen Show (2001- 2002; 18 episodes).

After brief stints in That ’70s Show, Cheap Seats, and Love Inc., Gaffigan got a TV breakthrough role in My Boys (2006- 2009), where he would portray Andy Franklin for 40 episodes.

Did you know? With Conan O’Brien, he wrote & gave voice in the Pale Force (2005- 2008), an animated short for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He also produced a sitcom ‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’ (2015-2016) with his wife Jeannie.

Any Career Update?

The American comedian cum actor is set to appear in the upcoming 2020 film Target Number One.

Where Does Jim Gaffigan Live?

Reportedly, Jim lives in Manhattan, New York, with his wife & 5 children, though, is yet to open up about his residence. The median house price in Manhattan is $1.103 million.

Formerly, his family of 7 lived in a 2-bedroom apartment in New York & later moved out in 2015.

Shares 2 Daughters & 3 Sons With Wife

Jim Gaffigan married Jeannie Gaffigan, an American actress on July 26, 2003, & are together ever since. 

The couple met in New York & started dating in 2000- later, after dating for 3 years, they exchanged vows at  St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York.

Together, the duo is parents to 5 children; 3 sons: Jack (born in  2006), Michael (b. 2011), and Patrick (b. 2012) and 2 daughters: Marre (born in 2005) and Katie Louise (b. 2009).

Born Youngest Of 6 Children

James Christopher Gaffigan was born on July 7, 1966, in Elgin, Illinois, the USA as the youngest of 6 children. His father Michael A. Gaffigan (died in 1999) wast the president and CEO of the Mercantile National Bank of Indiana while mother Marcia Mitchell (died in 1990) was a charity worker and fundraiser.

Raised in Indiana, Jim went to La Lumiere School & then studied at Purdue University for a year, before transfer to Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

In 1988, he graduated with a degree in Finance.

Reportedly, Jim Gaffigan was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor called papilloma of the choroid plexus in April 2017 & underwent successful surgery for its removal.