Quick Facts of

  • First NameJessie J
  • Date of Birth19 September, 2023
  • Net Worth$ 30 million
  • CareerSinger, Songwriter
  • Age33 Years
  • Height5 Feet 9 inches

What Is The Net Worth of English Singer Of Jessie J?     

Jessie J is an English singer and songwriter with a net worth of $30 million. She rose to prominence after signing with Republic Records and the release of her debut single, “Do It Like a Dude”. Her next song “price tag” topped the charts in 19 countries and was followed by her debut album Who You Are in 2011.     

She is recognized for her distinct vocal style that mixes R&B, soul, pop, and electronic styles with hip-hop beats.    

Net Worth Details: Income Sources And Salary 

Jessie began her career in 2005 when she was just 11 years of age. She first signed a deal with Sony/ATV but her fame rose after her signing deal with Republic Records. Since then, she has amassed a net worth of $30 million.

So far, she has released 5 studio albums:   

AlbumsRelease DateSales
Who You AreFebruary 25, 20112.5 million (2012)
AliveSeptember 23, 2013100,000 (UK)
Sweet TalkerOctober 13, 201460,000 (UK), 20,000 (20,000)
R.O.S.E.May 22, 2018n/a
This Christmas DayOctober 26, 2018n/a

Jessie has been on 7 tours to promote her albums. They are:

  • Stand Up Tour
  • Heartbeat Tour
  • Alive Tour
  • Sweet Talker Tour
  • Live 2017
  • R.O.S.E tour
  • The Lasty Tour

Her most famous songs include “Price Tag”, “Flashlight” etc. 

Jessie J on The Voice 

Her latest hit “Bang Bang” was performed with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande. She also cites Adele, Katy Perry, and Amy Winehouse as her peers and inspirations.   

She also worked as a judge in The Voice from 2012-to 2013. 

Youtube And Instagram Earnings  

Jessie has over 8 million subscribers on Youtube, through which she earns an estimated $45,000 yearly. She also has garnered almost 9 million followers on Instagram and earns an estimated $16,901 to $28,169 per each sponsored post as per August 2019.      

Assets: House And Cars 

Jessie owns a studio house in LA that she bought for a reported $2.5 million. The house front is circled by trees and the back includes a swimming pool. She also owned a glass house in Surrey, which she later sold because of her rising fame and privacy issues. In an interview with Alan Carr, she stated,  

 “I bought a house in Surrey. It was all made of glass. But after The Voice, I had a new, weird level of fame and I had to sell it as I couldn’t be famous and live in a glasshouse. Six months after I sold, these kids were outside singing Domino. I felt so sorry for the people who bought it.”

She owned a Ford Ka, a simple everyday car that she gave to her father but her new $70,000 Mercedes SLK is too modern for her. She said,  

Mercedes SLK is similar to the one owned by Jessie

I gave my Ka to my dad. I’ve now got a Brand New Mercedes SLK, but the only thing is I can’t drive it. My Ka was like a go-kart, but with this, I’m a mess. I don’t know how to use the radio. I try to indicate and I spray water at people and I’m not a fan of the heated seat because it feels like you’ve wet yourself.

However, we can surely say that she will get used to her new luxury piece.  

Charity And Endorsements

Jessie J has appeared on the major UK charity TV show, Children in Need and Comic Relief. She also shaved her hair live on March 15, 2013, during Red Nose Day in support of cancer patients. About her decision, she commented, 

“It’s hair, It will grow back. Even if it takes 2 years, if it saves lives it’s worth it. Even if its 1 life that’s something.”

Jessie after shaving her head for charity

She has performed in various concerts’ namely, “Laserlight” with a 7-year-old leukemia sufferer Daniel Sullivan who would pass away 4 months later. 

She has been endorsed by A.L.C, Acne Studious, Adam Selman, Adidas, and Alexander Wang. 

The Personal Life Of Jessie J(wiki)

Jessie J was born on 27 March 1988 in Redbridge, London to parents Rose and Stephen Cornish, under the name Jessica Ellen Cornish, the youngest of 3 children. She has stated that she was never good at anything, compared to her sisters who were both head girls.

She never really cared about results and was good at singing and that it was her “thing”. However, being the sister of 2 head girls, certain things were expected of her in school. She said: 

“At school, they were like ‘oh, you’re a Cornish girl’ and they kind of expected me to be the same as my sisters. Give me something to draw or an outfit to pick for someone, or hair, make-up, acting, write a song, I’m fine with it, but anything to do with sums – it was never my thing.” 

Relationships: Boyfriend Or Husband?

She started dating American singer Luke James in 2014, the couple ended their relationship in October 2015 but remained good friends. 

Jessie with her boyfriend Channing

She has been dating American actor, Channing Tatum since October 2018. The two just moved in Suffolk, the UK in August renting a house. Tatum split from former wife Jenna Dewan in April 2018.     

Age & Height   

Jessie stands at 175 cm or 5 feet 9 inches and is 33 years old.