Quick Facts of

  • First NameJerry
  • Last NameJones
  • Net Worth$8.5 billion
  • CareerBusiness

What Is The Net Worth Of Owner Of The Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones?

As of 2020, Jerry Jones is estimated to have a net worth of $8.5 billion, whereas Forbes claims his fortune to be $8.1 billion.   

Month – Years Net Worth 
March 2015 $4.2 billion 
September 2015 $5 billion
March 2016 $5 billion
October 2016 $5.2 billion 
March 2017 $5.2 billion 
October 2017 $5.6 billion 
March 2018 $5.6 billion 
October 2018 $6.9 billion 
March 2019 $6.8 billion 
October 2019$8.6 billion 

He makes his massive wealth from his professional career as an owner and CEO of the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys, and entrepreneur.   

How Did He Gather The Impressive Sum?

Jerry Jones started working at the young age of 9. Initially, he worked as a customer greeter at his family’s store, Pat’s Supermarket. 

Professionally, after his graduation, he landed as the president and chairman of Modern Security Life insurance Co. The firm was reported to be a “one in a million” company. In 1961, the company had assets of $440 thousand, and later in 1965, it was worth $6.2 million under his chairmanship.  

Before he was chosen as chairman, he wanted to become a businessman. He borrowed around a million dollars to open a Pizza Parlor in Missouri. However, the venture failed. 

In 1970, Jones launched a privately held company Jones Oil and Land Lease. And in 2008, he partnered with Yankee Global Enterprises building Legends Hospitality, a food, beverage, merchandise, retail, and stadium operations

Major Source Of Income

On 29 February 1989, Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million ($300 million after inflation adjustment). Under his ownership, the team finished 1 – 15. 

After 31 years in 2020, the team is estimated to be worth $5.5 billion. As of now, the Dallas Cowboys generates an average of $950 million revenue from branding, club seats, and sponsorships. 

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With the aforementioned sum, the Dallas Cowboys ranks #1 on the list of NFL’s most valuable teams and is one of the King of the NFL hill. 

Other Income Sources

As a matter of fact, Jerry Jones built his jaw-dropping net worth from the commodities industry, especially from oil and natural gas. Moreover, he also makes money as an investor. 

Apart from that, he holds several stakes in several Texas-based Comstock Resources. He has shares worth at least $11.9 million. He owns over 28 thousand units of Papa John’s Pizza, LiveRamp Stock, and others. 

Jones was inducted to the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame, becoming one of the league’s most powerful voices. 

What Does He Spend On? Lavish And Ultra- Luxurious Lifestyle

The billionaire is enjoying an ultimately lavish lifestyle. Inside his real estate portfolio, it indicates that more than a billion of his wealth includes his properties and houses. 

According to a reliable source, he resides in the Highland Park area, Dallas house estimated to be worth $20 million. 

Besides, he is also the owner of a real estate development foundation Blue Star Land through which he plans to create a 400 thousand square foot merchandising distribution and sales center for Dallas Cowboys. 

Back in 2018, the company purchased 200 acres site for $38 million for the development of Star business Park, and a year later, it added another 60 acres to the park. 

Avid Fan Of Modern Arts

In an interview, Jerry Jones disclosed that he is a huge fan of modern art. He owns Norman Rockwell’s Coin Toss, which is worth over $18.5 million as of 2020. Jones purchased the painting for $1.1 million back in 1989. 

He also has famous arts by renowned artists like Matisse, Picasso, and Renoir. He features his multi-million worth art collection in his billion dollars stadium.  

Not Cars But Owns A Luxury Bus

Jerry does not have a car; however, he drives on a luxury bus, which he bought for $2.5 million. The bus features nine TVs and rooms for 20 people. 

He also has a yacht collection, including one of the largest yachts built in the Netherlands named Bravo Eugenia after his wife Eugenia Jones worth $225 million. 

He is worth $8.1 billion, owns a $50 million Gulfstream V private plane costing $50 million, and Jerry Jones still uses a flip phone. 

Feuds And Controversies 

One of the most influential voices of the NFL industry, he had a dispute with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in 2017. The same year, Goodell sued a lawsuit against Jones claiming illegal contract extension. 

In the end, Jones acquiesced and was liable to pay $2 million. 

Short Biography

Jerry Jones aka Jerral Wayne “Jerry” Jones was born on 13 October 1942 in Los Angeles, California, the United States. 

Seventy-Seven years old is married to his longtime girlfriend, Eugenia Jones. They are blessed with three children; sons Stephen, Jerry Jr., and daughter Charlotte.