Quick Facts of

  • First NameJeremy Clarkson
  • Net Worth$ 60 million
  • CareerJournalist

British TV personality Jeremy Clarkson’s claim to fame is his beloved work alongside co-hosts in the show Top Gear. Known to many as a gear head, he is also a journalist and columnist. He is also popular for his work as a co-host on The Grand Tour.  

The controversial presenter is also one of the pioneering motoring journalists in the world, paving the way for a whole new market of entertainment broadcast. He was formerly a writer but made a transition into motor-journalism and TV presenting.  

How Much Is Former Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Worth in 2020?

Jeremy Clarkson has a net worth of around $60 million as of March 2020. On the contrary, the Richest claim that his worth is $50 million in 2020.  

The bulk of his salary comes from the multimillion-dollar salary that he received while working as the host of Top Gear.

How Much Is His Annual Salary?

As a TV personality, he makes a total of $20 million as his annual salary.

Clarkson’s Earnings

At one point, Jeremy Clarkson was the highest-earning presenter on BBC. In fact, the BBC paid him $891,000 base salary in 2014. Then after Amazon Prime Video released the Grand Tour, he was paid around $12.3 million.

A list of his earnings over some of the past years is given in the list below.

2011$10,000,000Dividends from his company
$4,000,000Salary From Various Shows
$13,000,000Bonuses Received From BBC
2012$15,000,000Dividends from his company
 $5,000,000Salary And Bonuses From Top Gear
2013$21,000,000Amount paid by BBC for buying all rights of Top Gear
2014$1,660,000Income from a TV show

In a similar fashion, Metro reported that he earned around £1 million ($1,281,800) per series. Additionally, his earnings also come from his work as a writer and author who has released multiple books.

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He Once Blew Up Two Of His Own Properties To Rebuild Another One

Clarkson bought two properties in Hammersmith, one for £325,000 ($416,531) in 2000 and another one for £310,000 ($397,265) in 2011. He has both the properties demolished in order to build a new bigger house.

After demolishing the properties in 2019, he made floor plans public of his new house that showed the biggest property.

The star once rented a French mansion that he posted a picture of on Twitter, in a post basically dissing A-level result. 

Massively Expensive Vehicle Collection

As one of the hosts of the most popular auto show on earth, it is fitting that Jeremy Clarkson owns a lot of expensive cars. The following list contains his car collection along with their estimated prices.

Ferrari F355$130,000 (£78,000)
Ford GT$500,000
Land Rover Range Rover$3,783.82 to $21,144.88
Mercedes-Benz 600$22,000
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder$209,500
Alfa Romeo GTV6$43,510.55 (approx..)
Ford Escort RS Cosworth($26,296.89) £20,524
Volvo XC90$49,345

The star also reportedly owned the following cars:

CarPrice (Approx.)
Lotus Elise 111S$ 66,999
Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black$144,563
Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG$36,080 – $104,390
Honda CRX$3,300 – $5,170
Aston Martin Virage$214,000
Volkswagen Golf GTI$31,795
Volkswagen Scirocco$31,130 to $42,460
Ford Focus$12,200 to $19,000

Controversies And Political Stance

Clarkson is an opinionated man who has been heavily loved and criticized for his stance on various issues. He believes that the government binds its people, depriving them of freedom rather than helping them.

Similarly, he has also been involved in various controversies among which he once punched a producer while filming on location; the incident caused the dismissal of Jeremy Clarkson from the hit TV show. 

He also once was the center of controversy after he called the Daihatsu Copen as being a bit gay and using a derogatory term for gays.  

Clarkson also once called activist Greta Thunberg ‘mad and dangerous. 

Short Biography

Jeremy Clarkson was born Jeremy Charles Robert on 11 April 1960 (Aged 59 in March 2020) in Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire, England to Eddie Clarkson and Shirley Clarkson.

He grew up in his hometown and went to Hill House School, Doncaster, and later Repton School. He was not a good student and got C’s and U’s in his A-levels. 

The star has been married twice in the past and is currently dating Lisa Hogan as of March 2020. He was first married to Alexandra James, aka Alex Hall. The pair tied the knot in 1989, but she left Clarkson after six months for one of his friends.

Then he got married to Frances Cain in 1993 and had three children before divorcing in 2014. Clarkson was reportedly set to pay a £10 Million to Frances as a divorce settlement.