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  • First NameJamie Chua

Jamie Chua is an Indonesian former-stewardess-turned-socialite and entrepreneur. Despite enjoying the fruits of her time as a model and stewardess, the lion’s share of her current wealth comes from her marriage and the subsequent divorce settlement with socialite businessman, Nurdi Cuaca

What Is The Net Worth Of Jamie Chua?

There are varying accounts of Jamie Chua’s actual net worth with reports of her net worth being as low as $20 million (reported by celebritynetworth.com), and as high as $80 million (reported by therichest.com).

Regardless, it is safe to say that Jamie Chua is not doing without. She started her career as a model when she was 15. She spent the next couple of years walking the runway and appearing on advertisements. 

When she turned 17, Jamie became a stewardess for Singapore Airlines. It was during her stint as a stewardess that she met Nurdi Cuaca.

Divorce Settlement 

Jamie and Nurdi soon got married and remained together for 15 years, having two children in the process. 

In February 2010, Jamie filed for divorce from her husband and demanded $450,000 in monthly alimony payments from Nurdi, who at the time had close to $93 million in personal assets.

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When Nurdi attempted to transfer his funds to an off-shore account, Jamie got the court to freeze his accounts.     

The matter was settled on November 15, 2011, and an amicable sum was agreed upon by both sides.


Not only is Jamie a connoisseur of luxury brands, but she also used to own her own fashion line. She took her love for designer shoes a step further and started her own line, Cloud 9 Lifestyle, in 2006.  

She became the first person in Southeast Asia to sell Manolo Blahnik designer shoes. The shoe line folded in 2011, following her divorce.

In 2014, Jamie co-founded The Closet Raider with her socialite friend, Sharon Tang, and in 2015, they started the skincare line, Luminous1. 

700-Square-Foot Walk-in Closet 

Of the many luxuries that Jamie Chua indulges in, which includes her $14,000 a month beauty regimen, her home in Singapore features perhaps her most decadent possession: a 700-square-foot walk-in closet!

In the closet, she houses her collection of over 200 Hermes Birkin bags — the largest collection of the high-end designer handbag in the world. 

She also has a collection of over 300 designer shoes, jackets, furs, gowns, and diamond jewelry. 

The closet is protected by a fingerprint-locking system and features a filing cabinet to optimize space for the prodigious collection.   

Jamie Chua: Short Biography

Jamie Chua was born on October 24, 1973, in Singapore. The oldest of three siblings born to a travel agent and his homemaker wife, money was always an issue. 

Jamie took up modelling to supplement the family income and became a stewardess for Singapore Airlines.  

Personal Life And Marriage    

At the time of their meeting, Nurdi was not the multi-millionaire magnate he would become, but rather a nine-to-five employee. He was flying business class when he first laid eyes on the-then 20-years-old Jamie Chua.  

They subsequently fell in love and got married in 1994. They had two children together, a son, Cleveland Cuaca; and a daughter, Calista Cuaca.

In February 2010, Jamie filed for divorce and demanded $450,000 monthly to sustain her socialite status. The matter was settled amicably in November 2011, and Jamie received an undisclosed sum in the settlement.

Since 2014, Jamie has been dating lawyer Terence Koh.