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As The Earth Is Resting, So The People Are: James Arthur Self-Isolates Himself In His Lavish Villa

  1. Asthma patient James Arthur is self-isolating in his countryside mansion 
  2. He disclosed the news through his Instagram profile 
  3. He canceled his tours due to his illness

English singer cum songwriter James Arthur who suffers from Asthma has a cough. And he is isolating himself in his countryside mansion amid the chaos and symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus. 

COVID-19 outbroke on 31 December 2019 in China. And as of March 2020, it has become the global pandemic. Most of the countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, China, have enforced indefinite close-down. 

Thirty-Years Old Arthur revealed the news of self-isolation through his verified Instagram profile. In one of his latest Instagram uploads, he shared glimpses of his luxurious mansion and a large front yard with a Mercedes Benz and Range Rover. 

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He captioned the photo: My quarantine/escape plan should this turn into an apocalypse… P.s still humble but proud of the things I’ve earned. Spent 23 years of my life with less than nothing. #fuckthecoronavirus   

Moreover, he also shared snaps inside his house. Inside his million-dollars worth house, he has a large indoor swimming pool with its very own Jacuzzi pool, spacious dining room, very comfortable-looking living room, with a comfy sofa. 

Moreover, he also can play pool, poker, and other games in his personal game room. And, if he likes to do some work, he has his home studio. 

In his chain posts about his quarantine, he updated his followers saying, 

Finding it hard to go from the euphoria of doing the shows every night to absolutely jack all… it’s the only day one for me, and I’m struggling, especially with no football. What the actual f**k do I do?

The former X-factor star undoubtedly has one of the envious houses in the industry.  

As he said, I have a cough today… trying really hard not to let health anxiety get the better of me, he canceled his Barcelona gig due to his illness following January performance. 

He took the precaution of self-isolating himself after his personal doctor suggested him to. As of 19 March 2020, Coronavirus has been seen in over 116 countries and 207 thousand people, and it seems James Arthur does not want to be one to increase the number. 

James Arthur came to the limelight after winning the 2012 X-Factor. As of 2020, he is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million.