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  • First NameJake Abel

Jake Abel is perhaps best known for his role as John Winchester’s illegitimate son on the drama Supernatural. In addition to this, he has also worked on shows like CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, ER extra.  

Similarly, he is also a popular movie star who has given performances on I Am Number Four, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Love, and Mercy, etc. He has worked in show business for more than 15 years.

What Is The Net Worth Of Jake Abel?

Jake Abel has a net worth of around $2 million as of April 2020. He made this net worth from a career in acting.

Abel’s first on-screen appearance was in 2005 when he played a minor role in the TV show Threshold.

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Career Insight – Income Sources And Salary

Abel is a popular name on TV and has also shined on some TV roles. He is a decent earner and according to Celebworth, earns $346,666.67 per year. This comes to $28,888.89 per month and $39.57 per hour.

After initially getting a minor role in 2005, the same year he played Spencer on the Disney channel movie Go Figure. He also appeared in an episode of the popular The Suite Life of Zack & Cody in 2006.

He also appeared in a small role on Cold Case in the same year. 

The star then was an extra on Life. CSI: NY cast him in another small role before getting cast as Adam Milligan and Michael on Supernatural starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in 2009. He reprised the role in 2019 for the ‘fall’. 

In 2011 he played Tyler Moser in one episode of Grey’s Anatomy. He was then given the main role in Another Life.

Similarly, his first appearance on film was on Strange Wilderness in 2008. The same year he also worked on Tru Loved and Flash of Genius.

In 2009, the star played Brian Nelson on The Lovely Bones. The next year, in 2010, he played Luke Castellan on Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. He followed up his popular performance with I Am Number Four in 2011.

The same year he was cast as Kirk Francis on Inside. After a mediocre performance on The Host, he reprised his role as Luke Castellan on Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in 2013.

Then in 2014, he played roles in 3 movies Against the Sun, Good Kill and Love, and Mercy. Similarly, he played Jack in Almost Friends.

Some of his other well-known role films are Shrimp, An Affair to Die For, Malignant, Son of the South, etc.

Instagram Earnings

Abel is a popular actor and has over 81.5 thousand followers on Instagram as of April 2020.

According to Influencermarketinghub, he earns around $330 to $550 per post made on the social media platform.  

Similarly, he also has a lot of followers on Twitter, in fact, he has 102 thousand as of April 2020. He earns anywhere from $315 to $385 per tweet.

Short Biography

Son of the South was born Jacob Allen Abel on November 18, 1987, in Canton, Ohio, the U.S. to Mike Abel and Kim Abel. He is 32 years old as of April 2020 and stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Regarding his relationships, he is married to Allie Wood. They were engaged for 10 months before they tied the knot on November 9, 2013. They knew each other from the time they were teens. 

Jake commented on his proposal saying, “She turned around, and I was on my knee. It was amazing, man. Out of a million people, it was just the two of us.”

They do not have any children although they have a pet dog named Sam that they treat like a child.