Quick Facts of

  • First Name Kanako
  • Last Name Urai

Kanako Urai who is famous for the name Asuka is one of the famous WWE wrestlers with more than two decades of her career in wrestling. She has been able to rank herself No.1 of the top 50 female singles wrestlers in the PW1 female 50 in 2017. 

But while talking about her personal life, she hasn’t given a single clue on it. It’s a matter of big confusion and puzzle when it comes to talking about her personal life. In this section, we have disclosed some of her personal facts that we know of. So let’s find out.

Is Kanako Urai Married Or Dating?

Kanako Urai is said to be married by different reliable tabloid sources. But there is still confusion about who her partner is. Some claim her husband as Jdarius McKenzie and others as Daisuke Urai. In the same manner, there are also statements that she is yet to married but romantically linked with some mysterious guy. 

WWE Wrestler Kanako Urai
WWE Wrestler Kanako Urai

Image Source: IMDB

Even some of them have claimed that she is already a mother as well. However, the actual information is yet to come out.

Well, Kanako Urai has always been a mum when it comes to talking about her personal life. So due to this reason, people are very confused about her relationship. Whether she is married or dating still has a question mark for her fans and followers.

Even if she is active in the social media platform, Instagram with more than 1.7 million followers and 984 posts, she has never given a single hint on her love life. Almost all of her posts are related to her professional life. 

Reason For Hiding Relationship

Well, the major reason for Urai hiding her relationship status might be because of her marketing. As it’s common in Japanese and Korean culture, most agencies don’t want their star’s personal life come out in the media and hence, the suspense.

Or, it also can be that she doesn’t want rumors and controversies regarding her personal stuff in the public. 

Well, we cannot claim a single word and also cannot figure out the truth until Kanako Urai prefers to reveal it herself.