Quick Facts of

  • First NameHugh
  • Last NameLaurie
  • Date of Birth06 November, 1959
  • Net Worth$ 50 million
  • CareerActor, Singer, Musician, Comedian, Director, Author
  • Age62 Years
  • Height5 Feet 6 inches

What is Hugh Laurie’s net worth?

Hugh Laurie is an English actor, singer, musician, comedian, director, and author, best known for receiving two Golden Globe Awards for portraying the character of Dr. Gregory House in the TV sitcom House. In 2011 he was amongst the highest-paid actors in TV drama receiving a salary of $409,000 for every episode of House.

Laurie has an estimated net worth of $40 million. Below we discuss the actor’s net worth in detail, his salary, earnings and assets in detail.

Net Worth Details- Earnings, Salary and Income Sources

As of 2022, the English actor has been able to amass $50 million in wealth from his career. He earns most of his money from appearing in movies and TV sitcoms.

Hugh started his career in 1975 with the role of Charlie Jenkins in the short video titled Who Sold You This, Then?.

He is best known for acting in movies like 101 Dalmations, The Man in the Iron Mask, Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2 and Holmes and Watson to name a few.

Laurie has also acted in television series like Friends, starring Jennifer Aniston , Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, Catch-22, Veep and many more.

He is best known for playing the lead role of Dr. Gregory House in the TV sitcom House (2004-2012).


He has been part of the main cast of many highly grossing movies in the past some of which have been given below:

Sense and Sensibility1995$135 million
101 Dalmatians1996$320.7 million
Spice World1997$151 million
The Man in the Iron Mask1998$183 million
Stuart Little1999$300.1 million
Stuart Little 22002$170 million
Flight of the Phoenix2004$34 million
Street Kings $65.5 million
Tomorrowland2015$209.2 million
Holmes & Watson2018$41.9 million

Although Hugh’s salary from the movies has not been disclosed, being an integral part of the cast he must have made huge money from his contribution.

According to some sources his earnings in 2012 was estimated to be $19 million.


Hugh Laurie’s net worth comprises mostly of the salary he received from House. He earned $300,000 for every episode of Season 3 (24 episodes) which made his earnings in 2006 to be $7,200,000.

His salary during the filming of Season 4 (16 episodes) was the same as that in Season 3 which amounted to $4,800,000 for 2007.

Laurie’s salary was raised by $100,000 during Season 6 (22 episodes) and received $400,00 which added to $8,800,000 in 2009.

During the filming of the 7th season 23 (episodes) of House MD, Hugh made $10,200,000.

In 2011, Hugh Laurie was listed amongst the highest-paid actors in drama series receiving a salary of $409,000. During that year he made $15,400,000 from Season 8 (22 episodes).

Instagram, YouTube and Endorsement deals

According to Socialblade, from his YouTube channel, Hugh Laurie earns an estimated amount of $75-$1.2k monthly while his yearly earnings is $897-$14.3 k.

Hugh Laurie isn’t active on Instagram.

He has endorsement deals with brands like BT and L’Oreal. But the money he received from these deals hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Assets: Houses, Cars, Insurances, Tax and Charity

He bought a lavish mansion in 2008 in Hollywood Hills at the price of $2 million. The current asking price of the house is $3.8 million.

He also owns a home in Belsize Park in London which he bought in 2013 at the price of $3.38 million.

Laurie also owns a garden which he calls his Magical Paradise. The property now has a market price of $4 million.

Cars and Bikes

His house also serves as a garage to a few of Laurie’s cars and bikes. He rides a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle which has a market price of $12,000.

He owns a convertible 1996 Ford Galaxie which has a price of $30,000 and a Cayman S Porsche which can be bought at $70,000.


Hugh Laurie is affiliated with many charitable organizations like American Red Cross, Comic Relief, Alliance For Children’s Rights, Band From TV Global Charity Trust and Guitar Center Music Foundation.

He has also supported the cause of Pediatric Epilepsy Project, Save the Children, Red Cross and The Art of Elysium.

However, the actor hasn’t disclosed the amount he donated to these organizations.

There is no information regarding the insurance policies that he is currently following. He might also be paying a huge tax owing toe the size of his net worth.

Hugh Laurie’s Personal Life-Age, Marriage, Children, Height and Weight 

He was born as James Hugh Calum Laurie on 11th June 1959 in Blackbird Leys, Oxfordshire, England. He is the son of Patricia Laurie and William George Ranald Mundell “Ran” Laurie.

He has an older brother named Charles Alexander Lyon Mundell Laurie and two elder sisters namely, Susan and Janet.

He is of British nationality and his ethnicity is Scottish.

As a child, he attended Dragon School. He later enrolled at Selwyn College, Cambridge where he studied anthropology and archaeology.

Hugh Laurie is a married man and is married to Jo Green who is a theatre administrator. The couple married on 16th June 1989.

They currently reside in Belsize Park, London along with sons Charles and William born in 1988 and 1991 respectively. They also have a daughter named Rebecca.

Height and Weight

The English actor stands tall with a height of 6 feet and 2 inches (190 cms) and has a weight of 94 kgs (207 lbs)