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British pianist, singer, songwriter, and producer Elton John own five villas in different places. The Rocketman hitmaker is also known for his lavish choices, and his mansions definitely live up to that.

Moreover, Elton also earns different expensive things and has unique collections as well. Here are all the details.     

How Lavish Is The Life Of Elton John?

British singer Elton John has $600 million net worth as of 2022. His choices and lifestyle have always amazed us. As per the article published in 2000, Elton spent almost £40 million over a 20-month period, including spending £293,000 only on flowers.  

In 2000, Elton had only $100 million fortune. Similarly, in 1996, he spent over $12 million on homes and other properties. 

By 2009, he was worth $265 million, and in 2011, the wealth was increased to $240 million. And in 2013, Elton had a worth of $300 million, and as of November 2019, his net worth is $500 million.   

Where Was Elton John’s First House?

One of the most popular millionaire singers, Elton John, has several houses and properties at different places around the world. In the 1750s, he used to live in a house called Woodside located in Old Windsor, Berkshire, England. 

The home was 37-acre valued bought for $513,399.60 (£400,000) in 1974. Later, the residence was sold for $8 million at auction in 1998. 

Currently Lives In London: Owner Of 5 Mansions 

As of 2019, the father of two John lives in a house located in London.  Also, he owns homes situated in Nice, France. The singer also has an apartment in Vice, Italy.  

Additionally, Crocodile Rock singer Elton’s other residence is situated in Atlanta is a 12,000 square-foot duplex penthouse. 

Elton’s Beverly Hills Mansion Is Worth $37 Million

Songwriter purchased a lavish villa in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States, for $33 million. The main mansion is 25,000 square feet boasts a secret garage, gym, screening room, wine cellar, and more. 

The house was owned by the co-founder of the American clothing brand and retailer Guess, Armand Marciano. Prior to John, at one point, the habitation was on the market for $63 million.   

Furthermore, in 2012, he owned property in a nearby area for $7.2 million. Likewise, Nikita singer owns another house in Holland Park area of West London.     

Did You Know? Elton Is Engaged In Sixty Two Charities and owns Elton John AIDS Foundations (EJAF)

Car Collection

Elton John seems to love cars. He holds several luxurious and expensive wheels of different brands. 

Here are lists of his few cars with its cost price.

1.Lamborghini Urus$200,000
2.Cadillac Escalade$75,195
3.Porsche Macan Turbo$58,600
4.Porsche Cayenne$75,300
5.Tesla Model X$84,990
6.Dodge Durango SRT$64,090
7.Ford Explorer$32,365
8.BMW X6$63,550 to $78,300
9.Bentley Bentayga$165,000
10.Pontiac Aztek$1,345 to $5,317
11.Range Rover Evoque$41,800 to $65,600
12.Dodge Journey$23,245 to $35,545
13.Lincoln MKX$28,900 to $43,900
14.Jeep Renegade$22,275
15.Jaguar F-Pace$45,200 to $80,600

The millionaire also has Pink Rolls Royce Phantom V ($450,000) and Ferrari Testarossa. Similarly, he earned $300,000 with the sale of his cars like Rolls Royces, Ferraris, 1993 Jaguar, and Bentleys.

Owns Wabi-Sabi Yacht

Don’t go breaking my heart singer Elton John bought a huge wabi-sabi yacht for $25 million. The ship is one of the best getaways for John, and his husband David Furnish when the couple is on their holiday.  

The 164 ft yacht includes eight rooms, jacuzzi on deck, swimming platforms, gym, and barbecue area. Also, it has different alfresco dining spaces, 3,650 hp MTU diesel engines that range 4,000 nautical miles, and is fitted with Naiad zero-speed stabilizers.   

Elton John Has Over 250,000 Pairs Of Sunglasses 

Elton John is fond of sunglasses and has more than 250,000 pairs in his collections. He has a separate walk-in closet just for the glasses that are surprisingly elegant and features thousand of shelves. 

The 72-year-old legendary musician is so obsessed with the sunglasses that he always requests a separate hotel room only for his sunglasses during his tour in several places.  

John collections include Chopard sunglasses worth almost $400,000, and Dolce, and Gabbana DG2027B sunglasses cost around $383,000. Similarly, he also owns a pair of Cartier Panthere Glasses ($159,000) and pair of Shiels Emerald sunglasses ($200,000).