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  • First NameHilary Duff

Hilary Duff has been actively working in show business since she was 12 years old, and since had successful careers in acting, music, and books. She garnered mainstream success after she played the lead character on Lizzie McGuire.

In addition to being a popular actress, she is also a successful singer who has released multiple albums, one of which, Metamorphosis topped the US charts. The album also sold well enough to receive 3 times platinum certification.

What Is The Net Worth Of Hilary Duff?

Hilary Duff is worth $25 million as of April 2020. She made this net worth from working in the entertainment business for more than 2 decades.

Starting out as a child actor, she did some uncredited work for various series before landing her first major role, in Casper Meets Wendy in 1998. This role eventually skyrocketed her fame in Hollywood.

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Salary From Shows And Movies

When Duff was a beginner in show business, in 2003, she worked on Mouse House for which she received $15,000 per episode. Similarly, she was also paid $1 million for the spinoff film.  

Similarly, she was also one of the highest-earning young celebrities in 2007 when she earned $12 million. The star also made around $15 million in 2005 for starring opposite Frankie Muniz on Agent Cody Banks and opposite Chad Michael Murray on A Cinderella Story.

Her movies have also grossed more than $50 million regularly, Cheaper by the Dozen grossed over $190 million and the sequel raked in more than $129 million.

Houses In California

Duff rented out a house in Los Angeles following her separation from her former husband. She pays $6000 per month for the 1,500 sq. ft house. The property is surrounded by lush green trees and has a spacious front porch.

Another property she owns in Cali is the mansion she bought in Beverly Hills for around $3.85 million. 

She and her former husband bought the home as an early wedding gift. The mansion has 5 bedrooms, a bar, an outdoor fireplace and 6.5 bathrooms spread out over 5260 sq. ft.

She also bought a home in Toluca Lake, the property was the first-ever house she bought. Later she listed the home for a price of $7 million. Later she dropped the price of the house to $6.25 million. 

According to property records, she bought the house in March 2004 for $3,500,000. The estate is spread over 9,277 square feet of living space. 

Sued For Crashing Car

Duff smashed her Range Rover into the back of another car in 2010. The incident occurred when she was driving around in her Range Rover on December 12, 2010, and rear-ended Rachel Owens’ car.

The victim Owens said that she was injured and suffered ‘great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering’. Owens also said that injuries from the crash prevented her from going back to work.

The Mercedes Gifted By Former Partner And Being Banned From Buying A Porsche

Duff’s former husband (then-boyfriend) Mike Comrie gifted her a Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV that she received in 2007. The gift came a week before her 20th birthday. The price of the SUV was around $100,000 at the time.

The star’s dream car is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, but she was banned from buying the car by her manager because of her bad driving. Duff herself has also admitted that she is a terrible driver who had a small accident in 2007 after she drove while on the phone.

Charity And Philanthropy

As an immensely popular celeb, Duff has used her fame as a platform to help those in need. While still a teenager, she donated $250,000 to Hurricane Katrina victims. In addition to this, she also donated more than 2.5 million meals to displaced people in the southern US.

Duff is a passionate supporter of animal rights and has even said that she wanted to become a veterinarian but was discouraged when she found out animals died at a vet’s.

Coronavirus Donation

The actress also donated Happy Little Camper products to various non-profit organizations all over the world.

The mother of two donated diapers and other essential products to infants and babies living in poverty right now. She made the announcement on Instagram to her scores of followers on 17th April 2020.

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Instagram Earnings

Hilary Duff is an incredibly popular celeb who was a teen idol but became a movie and TV star. Additionally, her millions in record sales as a singer have also helped her popularity. As a testament to her popularity, she has over 15 million followers on Instagram.

According to Influencermarketinghub, her earnings per post made on the social media platform range anywhere from $29,873 to $49,789.

Likewise, with her 4.8 million followers on Twitter as of April 2020, she can earn $14,910 to $18,225 per tweet according to data from Webfluential.

Career Insight

Hilary Duff started out as a child actress in TV commercials but later made her way into show business. She also did some uncredited work for True Women in 1997. Her first major role was as Wendy in 1998’s direct-to-video Casper Meets Wendy.

Her next film came in 2002 called Human Nature. She would get her breakthrough role in 2003 on Agent Cody Banks, she then worked on The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Cheaper by the Dozen, making her an incredibly popular child actor.

A Cinderella Story came out in 2004, which also helped her fame. Some of her other well-known films are In Search of Santa, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, She Wants Me, The Haunting of Sharon Tate, etc.

She has had much more success on TV than on the big screen, her first major TV role was the lead character on Lizzie McGuire that she played from 2011 to 2004. Then after a few roles that flew under the radar, she got cast on Gossip Girl in a recurring role.

Then in 2015, she was cast in Younger in the main role. She has also co-hosted The Talk for 3 episodes.

Her music career has also been incredibly successful. Her album Metamorphosis sold around 203,000 copies in its first week, and the soundtrack to the Lizzie McGuire film raked in more than $45,000 for the star.

Short Biography

Hilary Duff was born Hilary Erhard Duff on September 28, 1987, in Houston, Texas, the U.S. to Susan Duff and Robert Erhard Duff. She was home-schooled from the age of eight due to her busy acting schedule. She has a sister named Haylie Duff.

Duff has been married twice, as of April 2020, she is married to musician Matthew Koma. They got married in December 2019 after two years of dating that started in 2017. They have a daughter Banks Violet Bair, born on 25 October 2018.

Before this, she was married to NHL player Mike Comrie. They started dating in 2007 and got hitched on August 14, 2010, after getting engaged in February 2010.

They gave birth to a son in March 2012 but separated two years later. Their divorce was finalized in February 2015.

Some other high-profile names she has dated are Aaron Carter, Joel Madden etc.

In 2014, she, along with a plethora of other celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, suffered from a data hack that leaked thousands of private photos.