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  • First NameGreta Thunberg
  • Net Worth$ 1 million
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Greta Thunberg is the 17-year-old Swedish sensation who is sweeping over the world. The quintessential environmental hero of the 21st century, Greta, has been the spokesperson for political reform against the global climate crisis since August 2018. 

While her peers were being indoctrinated in school, Greta became the beacon of youth activism, spending her school term alone outside the Swedish parliament holding a sign with the now-ubiquitous slogan: “Skolstrejk för klimatet (School strike for the climate).” 

The bravery of the-then 15-year-old Greta galvanized the world into action, and she sparked national and international uproar against the ineptitude (or ignorance) of the world government to address climate change. 

What started as a lone 15-year-old standing outside the Swedish parliament culminated in 4 million people taking to the streets on September 20, 2019, in what was the most significant climate change movement in human history. 

Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2019, Greta Thunberg
Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2019, Greta Thunberg   Source: Al Jazeera

Time Magazine‘s Person of the Year 2019, Greta became the face of a generational movement against climate change. Never before has a youth activist been as revered as Greta Thunberg!

Although she came up short in the running for a Nobel Prize, the world owes Greta a debt of gratitude for her contributions to the world.    

What Is Greta Thunberg’s Net Worth?    

While sources assume Greta Thunberg’s net worth to be around $1 million, the amount is not confirmed by her yet.

Money does not concern Greta Thunberg- that much is apparent from her activism.    

She could have had a luxurious life: the older daughter of an affluent artist family. Still, she chose a nobler path, sacrificing a life of affluence for an unglamorous (but necessary) campaign for continued sustenance on Earth. In that regard, she is reminiscent of her ancestor, Svante Arrhenius: the Nobel Prize-winning Swedish scientist who first predicted the effects of greenhouse gases on the earth’s climate.  

Nonetheless, Greta seems destined for the spotlight, as her activism made her a bonafide celebrity. Her Instagram and Twitter followers have skyrocketed since and currently sit at 9.6 million and 3.9 million, respectively. 

Those figures would be the subject of envy of any online celebrity, but to Greta, they are more people who have joined the fight for the survival of life on Earth. 

Greta has also been adorned with a plethora of awards and accolades, most significant of which are the Time Person of the Year 2019, International Children’s Peace Prize, Goldene Kamera, and Ambassador of Conscience Award.    

She has also graced the covers of such publications as Times Magazine, GQ, and Glamour Magazine.   

While Greta’s net worth is neither confirmed nor does it matter, she is, nonetheless, a global icon and the face of a generation.   

Highest Paid Activist

As per the reports from People With Money published on September 23 2019, she is the highest paid activist. From August 2018 to August 2019, she reportedly made a total of $46 million. 

Greta Was Born Into A Family Of Artists

Greta was born on born 3 January 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was the first-born to opera singer Malena Ernman and actor Svante Thunberg. While her younger sister, Beata, followed in their mother’s footsteps, Greta could not stand idly by while the world was on the brink.   

A photo of the Thunberg household
A photo of the Thunberg household   Source: Facebook @gretathunbergsweden

She first read about climate change when she was eight, and the lack of reform from global leaders pushed her into depression. Exacerbated by her Asperger syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and selective mutism, Greta would find some joy by bringing change in her household by urging her parents to cut their carbon footprint, go vegan, stop flying, and overall go green. This meant her mother had to give up her singing career.

In an interview with BBC in December 2019, her father said:

“To be honest, (her mother) didn’t do it save the climate. She did it to save her child because she saw how much it meant to her, and then, when she did that, she saw how much (Greta) grew from that, how much energy she got from it.”

Start Of Environmental Activism And The “Greta Effect”

After finding some semblance of joy in bringing reform in her household, Greta turned her attention to the greater world. 

On August 20, 2018, Greta began her protest by cutting school and sitting outside the Swedish legislative body, Riksdag, every day for three weeks in protest of the Swedish government exceeding the carbon emissions agreed upon in the Paris Agreement. 

When she took to her social media to take her activism global, the world got itself a hero. Many students followed in her footsteps, and by December that year, more than 20,000 students had joined the movement in 270 cities all over the world. 

Greta Thunberg spearheading a climate change movement in Washington DC
Greta Thunberg spearheading a climate change movement in Washington DC    Source: Vox

In a move that would colloquially be known as the “Greta Effect,” people from all walks of life joined Greta in pressuring their government to take the calls for global reform seriously. The streets were filled with over 4 million people on 20 and 27 September 2019, convened under Greta’s message of solidarity against the global climate crisis. 

Greta has also gone on to make speeches in such stages as TEDxStockholm, the UN Climate Change COP24 Conference, the European Parliament, and the U.S. Congress being amongst the most notable.

Image Source: Instagram@ gretathunberg

She is also very vocal about the recent horrifying Australian Bushfire. She frequently posts her views and ways to help them on social media. 

Personal Life

Greta’s maturity and intelligence belie her years. At just 17, she possesses an understanding of the world and its toils. She also possesses wit and a sense of humor that disarms her numerous critics (and there are many). 

She tackles online trolls on a daily basis, using her brand of wit and sarcasm to spar with people far older and influential than her. 

A 50 feet-high mural in Bristol, England dedicated to Greta Thunberg
A 50 feet-high mural in Bristol, England dedicated to Greta Thunberg   Source: Life and Soul magazine

She has been criticized by world leaders like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Emmanuel Macron, among others, for causing global unrest and spreading false information. 

Greta took the criticism in stride and retorted with humor. Backed by scientific facts, no amount of ad hominem and strawman arguments could denigrate her message.

As of 2020, Greta is not involved in any romantic liaisons, focusing instead on making the world more sustainable for her generation and the generation after, and so on, and so forth.