Quick Facts of

  • First NameFaZe Rug
  • Net Worth$ 14 million
  • CareerYou Tuber

FaZe Rug is a 23-year-old American YouTuber best known as one of the members of FaZe Clan. Rug established his self-titled YouTube channel on 12th July 2012 and has over 13.8 million subscribers as of December 2019.           

His channel is ranked 81st in Entertainment Rank, with a total of 2.902 billion views. He grabbed public attention with his one of his most viewed videos titled “Cocaine Prank” with over 19M views as of 2019. Rug’s channel is based on prank videos, daily vlogs, and challenges.

A Short Biography Of FaZe Rug

Born Brian Awadis on 19th November 1996 in San Diego, California, to Ron and Sana Awadis. He is American as per his nationality and is Catholic.

Did You Know? Rug’s parents migrated to the USA from Iraq.

He went to local high school in San Diego along with his brother Brandon who is also a YouTuber. He then enrolled at San Diego community college; however, he dropped out of there to focus on his YouTube channel.

When Did FaZe Start His YouTube Channel?

Rug began making YouTube videos while he was still in college in July 2012. His videos got positive feedbacks and garnered a huge number of viewers.

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FaZe left college after his first year and began making videos for his channel full time. He began uploading prank videos, vlogs, and call-of-duty videos.  

As of 2019, FaZe uploads prank videos, challenge videos, daily vlogs as well as game videos. His most viewed video of all time the “Cocaine Prank” has over 19 million views as of 2019. The video was first uploaded four years ago on 9th January 2015.

The video garnered Rug thousands of views and new subscribers. As of December 2019, Rug has over 13.8 million subscribers, with over 2.902 billion views on 1,539 videos.

How Rich Is FaZe Rug?

The 23-year-old YouTube is estimated to own net worth in millions of dollars. Although he has not revealed his exact net worth, some sources estimated it to be at around $3-$7 million.

His main source of income is his YouTube channel, and his endorsements deal with big brands. He also earns a huge sum from his merchandise sales.

Most recently, he collaborated with a clothing brand called Young & Reckless and dropped a new merch collection. The collab merch can be purchased from youngandreckless.com.

Brian resides in his 6,656 square feet mansion located in Poway, California, along with his family. He purchased the house for $2.32 million back in 2017.

It features 5-bedrooms, seven bathrooms, swimming, and a Jacuzzi, with top technologies in lighting, security, and appliances. The house was listed in the market for $2.7 million in October and December of 2017; however, it was not sold.  

The YouTuber rides around expensive cars like Range Rover ($68,600), Lamborghini Huracan ($203,674), and Lamborghini Urus ($207,326).

Fun Fact: FaZe Rug owns a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max Gold worth $1,249 for 256GB to $1,449 for 512GB.

Earnings From YouTube

Rug’s primary source of income is his YouTube channel and his merch sales. According to Social Blade, Faze earns around $22.4k to $357.9k monthly to $268.4k to $4.3 million per year.

Here is a list of his weekly earnings from his YouTube channel:     

DateTotal Video ViewsEstimated Earnings
2019-12-19         1,912,571$478-$7.7k
2019-12-20         2,514,312$629-$10.1k
2019-12-21         2,662,374$666-$10.6k
2019-12-22         2,404,246$601-$9.6k
2019-12-23         3,063,104$766-$12.3k
2019-12-24         3,478,946$870-$13.9k
2019-12-25         3,774,107$944-$15.1k

His channel garners around 46.6k new subscribers with over 20,876,198 video views earning him around $5.2k to $83.5k weekly. 

Social Media Profile

Faze Rug has 4M followers on Instagram and over 2.41M followers on Twitter. 

As per IMH, he is estimated to make $8,102 to $13,504 per sponsored post from Instagram with an engagement rate of 7.14%.     

Most Viewed Videos of Faze Rug

  • Cocaine Prank (2015): 16 Million
  • Scary Killer Clown (2017): 9.9 Million
  • Back to School Prank (2016): 8.5 Million
  • I Won a Game of Fortnite Under Water (2018): 7.7 Million