Quick Facts of

  • First NameFaZe Banks
  • Net Worth5.37 Million
  • CareerYou Tube

FaZe Banks is a famous YouTube personality who is mostly recognized for his gaming skills. Currently, he is the Chief Operating Officer of the gaming group FaZe Clan. Prior, he was the leader of the SoaR team. Apart from gaming, he is also a producer, a composer as well as a songwriter.      

As of early 2020, he has more than 5.37 million subscribers on YouTube, 2.8 million followers on Instagram, and 2.52 million followers on Twitter.      

From his successful career on social media, he has gathered $13 million net worth.  As reported, a major portion of his income comes from his YouTube channel.

FaZe Banks’ Million Dollar Fortune: Income Source And Earning    

FaZe Banks started his career in his late teens after he created the YouTube Channel, BanksHasBank in 2011. His first video was titled The Single Greatest SoaRing In Style.

YouTuber, FaZe Banks Has $13 Million Fortune    Image Source: Booking Agent Info

During the beginning of his YouTube career, he used to post videos on “Call of Duty” video games. Though he has posted a ton of videos on his channel, the most popular one is, “Crashing FaZe Temperrrs Car!” 

Later on, he renamed his YouTube Channel To FaZe Banks from BanksHasBank. As of early 2020, he has more than 5.37 million subscribers on Youtube with 394 million views. As per SocialBlade, his channel makes around $175 – $2.8 thousand monthly and $2.1K – $33.5K yearly.      

His channel also has a prank, reaction and challenges video. Faze joined FaZe Clan, a Call of Duty gaming group in 2013 in Miami, Florida. The other members of the Clan include FaZe Rug, FaZe Rain, FaZe Apex, FaZe Blaziken, Thomas Oliveira, among others.

As per social blade, FaZe Clan has 7.37 million subscribers and 873 million views and makes around $3.7K – $59.2K per month and $44.4K – $709.9K per annum. 

Apart from his social media career, he has also shown his interest in music and has written, produced, and composed songs. 

House And Car

In 2017, he bought a three-storied mansion in LA. The house which covers the area of 10,000 square foot was purchased for $10 million.  

FaZe Banks’ House   Image Source: YouTube

As for his ride, he firstly bought Ford Mustang. Later on, in August 2017, he added Ferrari to his garage. He also has a range rover Evoque SE.      

Is FaZe Banks Dating Someone?     

The 28 years old, FaZe Banks is currently single, but previously, he dated Vine artist and Instagram model, Alissa Violet. The then-couple officiated their relationship through the social media platform where FAze posted the picture of them kissing with the caption stating, “‘Look, mom, I’m happy” in June 2017.  

FaZe Banks with his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet   Image Source: Dexerto 

On September 8, 2017, Alissa revealed that they were going to be engaged; however, they didn’t confirm it.  

Sadly, after two years of relationship, they called it quits on mutual understanding as per Banks’ Twitter post. In the same statement, he said that he has no negative feelings for Alissa. 

FaZe Banks post regarding his split   Image Source: Twitter

Later on, after four months of their separation, Alissa accused her ex-boyfriend FaZe for being unfaithful in their relationship in a series of tweets. In the post, she explained that she found FaZe without clothes in bed with random girls in their guest house. 


Faze Banks aka Ricky Banks was born Richard Bengtson on October 18, 1991, in Massachusetts, USA. His birth name is Richard Bengtson. When he was at the age of 7, he moved to Lowell with his parents and attended  Lowell High School. As per the sources he completed his schooling in 2010.