Quick Facts of

  • Net Worth$5 million
  • Date of Birth26 September, 2023
  • First Name Brandon McMillan
  • Last NameBrandon
  • CareerAuthor
  • Age45 years
  • Height6'3''

Brandon McMillan is an American Television personality, animal trainer, author as well as a television producer. Mainly he is known for turning animals such as dogs, Lions, tiger for movies, and ads. He has also appeared in movies such as The Hangover, Rd Dragon and We Bought a Zoo.

For his professional life, he is very famous but while talking about his personal, most of his fans are unaware. So let’s find out about his relationship status. 

Dating Alanna Polycn; Are they Going to Get Married?

The 45 years old, animal trainer, Brandon McMillan is in a romantic dating relationship with Alanna Polycn (philanthropist). The pair can be seen sharing lots of romantic pictures of them together in their Instagram post. Most of their pictures are with animals.

Brandon McMillan with his girlfriend Alanna Polycn
Brandon McMillan with his girlfriend Alanna Polycn

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The pair started dating each other since early 2016 and officiated about it in November 2016 through social media platforms. 

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The animal trainer also once stated that he wants to go on a dangerous date with his partner some days in the future. While talking with PopSugar, he also added that,

My perfect date would be sitting in a Land Rover in Africa with a bottle of wine and some snakes… watching a lion kill.

However, the pair hasn’t shared any plans of getting married soon.

Animal Lover

Since his childhood days, he has been surrounded by animals like lion, beers, elephant as his father and uncle was an animal trainer in the entertainment industry. While he just 18 years old, he moved to LA along with his parents to work with them.


Once he stated that,

I’ve had lions, snakes, leopards, and buffalo come at me. I’ve been bitten, but I’ve never truly been attacked. Ninety-nine point nine percent of people who are tackled don’t live to tell the tale.

As of now, he is one of the renowned hosts as well as a trainer of the CBS series, Lucky Dog. Also, he has hosted a documentary, Great White Serial Killer on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.


  • Won Daytime Emmy Award in 2015 for being the best host for a lifestyle series.