Quick Facts of

  • First NameDavid
  • Last NameGilmour
  • Date of Birth03 June, 1946
  • Net Worth$ 170 million
  • CareerSinger, Songwriter
  • Age74 Years
  • Height6 Feet
  • WifeVirginia Hasenbein

What Is The Net Worth Of David Gilmour?

David Gilmour is an English multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter with a net worth of $160 million. He is best known for being the former lead guitarist and vocalist of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd along with Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright.

He also has a modest solo career and has worked with many musicians. Rolling Stones ranked him no.14 in their 100 greatest guitarists of all-time list.   

How Did David Make $170 Million In Net Worth? Career And Income Sources

Gilmour was brought into Pink Floyd by the band’s drummer Nick Mason as a non-performing songwriter to cover for the unstable Syd Barrett. However, after creative difficulties with Barrett, he left the band mutually on March 1968.  

Gilmour then took the position of vocals in addition to being the guitarist for the band. Under Gilmour, Floyd became one of the biggest rock bands of all time selling over 250 million records worldwide and lending to his net worth of $170 million.  

The most well-known Floyd albums with Gilmour are: 

AlbumsRelease YearSales (units)
The Dark Side of the MoonMarch 1, 197345 million
Wish You Were HereSeptember 12, 197513 million
AnimalsJanuary 21, 19775 million
The WallNovember 30, 197919 million
The Division BellMarch 28, 19943 million 

All of these albums have peaked at Billboard number 1 except or Animals, which peaked at number 2.

Gilmour has also released 4 solo studio albums which represent more of his playstyle and allow his creativity to flow through. The albums are:

  • David Gilmour – 1978
  • About Face – 1984
  • On an Island – 2006
  • Rattle That Lock – 2015

David’s solo on the song Comfortably Numb is regarded as one of the greatest guitar solos ever, alongside Jimmy Page’s Stairway to Heaven, Slash’s November Rain and Knopfler’s Sultans of Swing. 

Assets: His House And Cars

Dave owns a mansion in South Oxfordshire which is valued at around $21 million. The mansion covers a 25-acre property and houses 11 bedrooms. The home, however, has been abandoned by Gilmour for no apparent reason. 

Ghosthunters frequently visit the mansion and report an eerie environment with a stagnant pool, a game of snooker that didn’t quite get finished, and an already set-dining table.

The mansion also holds a top-of-the-line recording studio which he personally used to record some bits of Floyd’s 1987 album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason. He owns another 6-bedroom house in Hove, England.   

He is a Ferrari fan and has a Ferrari F40 among other models. The F40 is worth millions for a mint piece. It has been sold as high as $3.3 million, a hike from its original price of $200,000. 

Gilmour’s Guitars Collection

Dave being regarded as one of the guitar gods, among people like Page, Clapton, Beck, and Knopfler has an impressive guitar collection. He recently auctioned off all of his legendary guitars for a charity that fetched around $21 million in total.  

Forbes addressed the auction as the record-breaking with the guitars summing up to be worth $21 million. 

Some of the guitars were: 

  1. The Black Strat: $4 million (most expensive guitar ever sold)
  2. 1954 Fender Strat: $1.8 million
  3. Gretsch White Penguin: $447,000
  4. 1955 Gold Top Les Paul: $447,000
  5. Martin D-35 acoustic: $1 million


The most well-known of Gilmour’s charitable acts is the 2019 guitar auction which raised over $21 million for Charities supporting environmental causes. 

Besides, he is also involved in many other charitable acts:

Age International

Amnesty International

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Cancer Research


Other details can be found on David Gilmour’s website.

Tax And Insurance

Considering his clean details and no trouble with the law, it seems that Gilmour has all of his financial needs met.  

The Personal Life Of David Gilmour

David Jon Gilmour was born on March 6, 1946, in Cambridge, England to parents Douglas and Sylvia Gilmour. Both of his parents were literate teachers and professors.

After several relocations, the family settled to Granchester Meadows where he grew up. He attended Cambridgeshire High School where he met Waters and Barrett. He began studying A-Level modern languages at Cambridge Technical College but never finished his course.  

Gilmour was encouraged by his parents to pursue music and in 1954 bought him his first Vinyl single, Bill Haley’s “Round The Clock” and the following year, Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel”. Gilmour borrowed a guitar from his neighbor that he never gave back and started to teach himself the guitar at the age of 11. 


David’s first marriage was to American model and artist Virginia Hasenbein on July 7, 1975. He has four children with her; Alice, Claire, Sara, and Matthew. The couple divorced in 1990.    

In 1994, he married lyricist and journalist Polly Samson. He has other 4 children with his current wife; Joe, Gabriel, Romany, and adopted son Charlie. He is the godfather to Naomi Watts, whose father Peter Watts was a roadie for Floyd back in the 80s. 

Age & Height

David Gilmour is 73 years old and stands 183 cm or exactly 6 feet. 

Aviation Enthusiasm

Gilmour is also an aviation enthusiast and had also collected a few aircraft under his company Intrepid Aviation. He later decided to sell the company because it had become too commercial for him.

In a BBC interview, he said:

Intrepid Aviation was a way for me to make my hobby pay for itself a little bit, but gradually over a few years Intrepid Aviation became a business because you have to be businesslike about it. Suddenly I found instead of it being a hobby and me enjoying myself, it was a business and so I sold it. I don’t have Intrepid Aviation any more. I just have a nice old biplane that I pop up, wander around the skies in sometimes..

David doesn’t believe in an afterlife and is an atheist.