Quick Facts of

  • First NameDave Ramsey
  • Net Worth$ 200 million
  • CareerBusinessman, Author

Dave Ramsey, an American radio host, financial author & businessman is famous for hosting The Dave Ramsey Show since 1992, a radio syndicated program & podcast focused on advice on money management.

By the age of 26, Ramsey invested in real estate & owned $4 million rental portfolios in real estate in 1986, though, later struggled with bankruptcy.

His comeback as a radio host & author is indeed an exemplary story of success. Moreover, learning ahead from mistakes, the founder of The Lampo Group also founded Financial Peace University and authored 5 best-selling books.

Ramsey Is A Multi-Millionaire: How Much Net Worth He Owns?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Antioch, Tennessee-born, 60-year-old Dave has a net worth of $200 million as of May 2020. Back in 2018, as per The Richest, the American radio host owned a fortune of $55 million.

Without a question, Dave Ramsey’s successful venture as a radio host, financial expert & author of best-selling books blessed him with millions of dollars shower.

David Ramsey went through bankruptcy and got success in radio hosting career & as an author, owns $200 million net worth in 2020
David Ramsey went through bankruptcy and got success in radio hosting career & as an author, owns $200 million net worth in 2020   Source: The Bobby Bones Show

Dave began his career as a real estate investor since his graduation from the College of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1982.

Following a brief money-drown showdown during the late 80s, Dave began working as a financial advisor in a radio syndicated program The Dave Ramsey Show in 1992 and even more, released his first book Financial Peace, the same year.

In addition to that, the father of 3 also generates a huge sum as the founder of The Lampo Group Inc., financial services-based organization that later rebranded as Ramsey Solutions.

Earnings From YouTube Channel

Dave runs a YouTube channel named The Dave Ramsey Show, created on May 3, 2013. As of May 2020, the channel has over 1.68 million subscribers & a total of 415.938 million views.

As per Social Blade, Ramsey’s YouTube channel earn grab him the sum in the range of $45.4K – $726.4K per year.

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Once Went Through Bankruptcy: How He Lost All Of His Real Acquisition?

Dave Ramsey, a graduate with a degree in Finance and Real Estate effectively worked in real estate business under the name Ramsey Investments, Inc. By 1986, he built a rental portfolio worth more than $4 million- meaning his financial works were loaned by banks and had a $3 million debt while his personal fortune stood at $1 million.

Reportedly, at that time, when Dave was in his mid-20s, the American figure earned $250,000 per year.

However, after the bank with whom Ramsey had a financial relationship sold to another bank, the new ones demanded immediate payment of the loan of $1.2 million with a 90-day note. To add financial trouble, another bank called for $800,000 repayment.

Since it seemed nearly impossible for Dave to cover up $2 million with real estate sales within some months, he filed bankruptcy in September 1988 & lost his million-dollar stance.

Business Venture & Radio Hosting Success With ‘The Dave Ramsey Show’

In post-bankruptcy, he began working as a counselor in local churches and began developing a set of lessons and materials based on financial problems.

The year 1992, turned out the career-boosting phase for Dave Ramsey as he founded the financial service company The Lampo Group- later rebranded as Ramsey Solutions in 2014, headquartered at Franklin, Tennessee. Currently, the company has over 501-1,000 employees.

Moreover, in 1992, Dave Ramsey wrote his first book, Financial Peace, a best-selling book.

Having worked as a co-host for the radio show The Money Game in 1992, and he later began working in its spin-off program The Dave Ramsey Show, a finance advice-based show. His show is syndicated to over 500 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada, with over 12 million listeners weekly.

Dave Ramsey, an American radio host & financial adviser hosts The Dave Ramsey Show since 1992
Dave Ramsey, an American radio host & financial adviser hosts The Dave Ramsey Show since 1992   Source: Mel Magazine

The 2009 Marconi Award winner for Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year has authored numerous financial books over the years, which include:

  • The Total Money Makeover
  • Complete Guide to Money
  • Smart Money Smart Kids (co-authored with his daughter Rachel Cruze)
  • The Legacy Journey
  • EntreLeadership
  • The Money Answer Book
  • Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family
  • The Financial Peace Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family’s Financial Health
  • The Great Misunderstanding
  • More Than Enough

Moreover, the American author’s one of the most acclaimed financial advice is the famous “7 Baby Steps” for budget management:

  1. Baby Step 1- Save $1,000 for starter emergency fund
  2. Baby Step 2- Using debt snowball, pay all the debt (except of house)
  3. Step 3- Practice to save expenses of 3-6 months in fully funded emergency fund
  4. Step 4- Invest 15% of income in retirement
  5. Step 5- Save for children’s college fund
  6. Step 6- Pay off home early
  7. Step 8- Build wealth & give

Did you know? Many of Dave’s financial books are biblically based & are in curriculums of Financial Peace University, founded by the American radio host himself.

Resides In Tennessee: What Is His Real Estate Worth?

The financial guru, famous for his advice on purchase & sales of real estate, currently resides in his house in Cool Springs within the county seat of Franklin, Tennessee. As per The Richest, Dave Ramsey bought the 14,700 square feet house in 2008 for $1.552 million.

As reported, in 2014, the worth of the property was around $6.4 million.

Dave Ramsey's house in Cool Springs, Tennessee bought for $1.552 million in 2008
Dave Ramsey’s house in Cool Springs, Tennessee bought for $1.552 million in 2008   Source: Facebook @williamsoncountynews

Also, the millionaire radio host & author also owns another house in Brentwood, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, for which he paid $4.9 million.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, at the moment, he owns a real estate portfolio worth around $150 million.

For sure, with such a humongous fortune, he can enjoy a lavish lifestyle, though, avoids luxury show-offs. An avid user of Instagram & Twitter, Dave Ramsey has over 2l.2 million followers and 952.9K followers respectively as of May 2020.

Dave Ramsey’s Personal Life: Family Background, Wife & Relationship

Dave Ramsey was born David Lawrence Ramsey III on September 3, 1960, in Antioch, Tennessee, the USA. An American by nationality, Ramsey hails from a white ethnic background.

The 5 ft. 10 inches tall radio figure is a devoted Evangelical Christian.

Ramsey married at the age of 22, on June 26, 1982, and is ever since is in a marital relationship with his wife Sharon Ramsey. Together, the couple shares 3 children: Rachel Cruze (born April 14, 1988), Daniel Ramsey, and Denise Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey and his wife Sharon Ramsey are married for over 37 years
Dave Ramsey and his wife Sharon Ramsey are married for over 37 years   Source: Zimbio

His daughter Rachel is a financial writer/speaker and is the mother of 2 children with Winston Cruze.