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  • First NameCupcakke

Cupcakke, an American rapper & songwriter turned professional in 2012 & caught attention with the release of songs, with vulgar lyrics & comic persona. In 2015, her songs “Deepthroat” and “Vagina” went viral; it was from her debut mixtape Cum Cake (2016).

With the release of her debut album Audacious (2016), the American rapper has released a total of 4 studio albums & 2 mixtapes.

What Is Cupcakke’s Net Worth In 2020?

Cupcakke, born Elizabeth Eden Harris, with her career of over 7 years in the rap industry has indeed earned huge fame as well as money. As of May 2020, 22-year-old Harris has a net worth of $1 million.

The primary source of her income is career as a rapper- the sales of her albums & tours. Even if, Cupcakke is yet to disclose her earnings, she allegedly pulls in the revenue in the 6-digit figure.

Despite the fact that, Harris announced her retirement in September 2019, via Instagram, it was only 40 days later, she made a comeback, on November 7, 2019.

Moreover, she reportedly signed an $8 million record deal on December 29, 2019, & released her first single after hiatus; titled Lawd Jesus in March 2020.

Earnings From Instagram Endorsements & YouTube Channel

An avid user of Instagram (@cupcakkeafreakk), Cupcakke has over 549K followers as of May 2020; she often promotes Gucci, Fashion Nova Curve, Dolce&Gabbana and Lous Vuitton on her posts.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, her Instagram account (5.79% engagement rate) has the potential to earn $1,642- $2,737 per sponsored post.

Since August 4, 2012, the Chicago, Illinois-born rapper runs a YouTube channel cupcakKe; it has over 560K subscribers & a total of 54.662 million views as of May 2020.

It surely grabs her hefty tens of thousand dollars per year, though the actual figure is yet to be out.

Journey To Success: How Elizabeth aka Cupcakke Got Fame?

Influenced by 50 Cent, Lil’ Kim and Da Brat, Elizabeth Harris aka Cupcakke turned into rap career from poetry at church, at the age of 13.

In August 2012, then-aged 15, Cupcakke released a single ‘Gold Digger’ on her YouTube channel (now the song is deleted). Later, in 2015, she grabbed massive limelight with the releases of the songs: “Vagina” and “Deepthroat”.

Not to forget, since then, the vulgar lyrics & music videos with brazen & comic persona has been her trademark.

On February 9, 2016, she released her debut mixtape Cum Cake; only a few months later, Cupcakke released another mixtape S.T.D (Shelters to Deltas), on June 19, 2016.

Moreover, the same year (in 2016), the rapper released her debut studio album Audacious, on October 14. It consists of the singles Picking cotton, Budget, and LGBT.

Since then, she has released further 3 albums:

Queen Elizabitch (March 31, 2017)“Cumshot” “Biggie Smalls”
Ephorize (January 5, 2018), charted #2 in US Heatseeker AlbumsExit
Eden (November 9, 2018)Blackjack

Did you know? Her song “Deepthroat” was removed from YouTube after it appeared in many adult websites & gathered massive controversies.

List Of Tours:

  1. The Marilyn Monhoe Tour (2017)
  2. The Ephorize Tour (2018)
  3. The Eden Tour (2018-2019)

Where Does She Live & Her Lifestyle?

Currently, Cupcakke lives in Chicago, however, she remains tight-lipped about her house & other assets. Surfing through her Instagram, the American rapper is often seen with her SUV & flashing fancy dresses; also posts about her travels.

No doubt, she lives a quality lifestyle & enjoys her life to the fullest.

Short-Bio: Family & Relationship

Cupcakke was born on May 31, 1997, in Chicago, Illinois, the USA. Her birth name is Elizabeth Eden Harris. She holds American nationality & hails from the black ethnic background.

Raised by a single mother, Harris grew up in homeless shelters starting at age seven for 4 years. In 2010, she involved in music & poetry in a local church.

By the age of 13, Cupcakke turned her passion into a rap career.

Regarding her relationship, the American rapper always remained quiet & is allegedly single meanwhile. Furthermore, no reports on her dating history or boyfriends ever came up.