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  • First NameChristina El Moussa

Christina El Moussa is a real estate investor best known as a TV personality on the show “Flip or Flop” and “Christina on the Coast”. She is also a real estate agent who has sold many houses in the California area.

Formerly she was married to Tarek El Moussa, who is her business partner and co-star. They divorced in 2018. Although divorced, the pair still worked together on their show and are still co-hosts on the show.

What Is The Net Worth Of Christina El Moussa?

Christina El Moussa has a net worth of around $12 million as per data in March 2020. She earned these riches from a career in TV and real estate. 

Although initially, she was a real estate agent and businesswoman, she later became a TV star on HGTV and has since acquired worldwide fame.

Salary And Income Sources

Christina started earning $40,000 per episode from her HGTV show Flip or Flop, which is around $600,000 per season. The show aired 15 episodes per season, meaning they earned $600,000 per season from season 3 to 6. 

After this, season 7 had 20 episodes, so; she earned $800,000 from the season. The next season had 18 episodes from which she might have earned $720,000.

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Earning From Real Estate

Before becoming a TV star, Christina was a real estate agent and worked with her then-husband in the real estate agent The El Moussa Group.

They flipped houses along with business partner Pete De Best, selling their first house for $149,000, a $34,000 profit on the $115,000 buying price.

The HGTV show Flip or Flop also flips houses, and the duo has earned a lot of profit from flipping houses on the show. In fact, in season 7, they reported their highest profit of $211,200 for flipping a house in Orange, California. They sold the house for $1,160,000.

They have also flipped houses for profits of $167500, $123650, $130550, among other high profits.

Christina On The Coast

In addition to her earnings from real estate and “Flip or Flop”, she also earns from her own real estate show Christina on the Coast. According to various online sources, she earns around $50,000 episode from the show.

The show started airing on May 23, 2019 and has aired 6 episodes as of 24th March 2020. So, she has earned approximately $300,000 from the show.

What House Does The Real Estate Star Live In?

Christina bought a $4.1 million home in Newport, California, USA, that both husband Ant Anstead and Christina live in.

The beach house has a lot of extravagant features like four modern tech equipped baths, and the property is spread over 4,870 square feet.

Short Biography

Christina El Moussa, aka Christina Anstead, was born Christina Meursinge Haack on July 9, 1983, in Orange County, California, U.S. She grew up with a sister named Carly. She attended school in southern California.

Tarek El Moussa and Christina met in a real estate office in California while they were working together. They got married in 2009; a year later, their first child, their daughter, Taylor, was born. Then in 2015, their son, Brayden, was born.

Her ex-husband has been diagnosed with both thyroid and testicular cancer. The pair divorced following what Christina reported as a fight, after which Tarek fled their house and was suicidal.

Later he clarified that he was not suicidal and only carried a gun with him to protect himself from wild animals after he went on a walk alone after the fight.

They filed for divorce in 2017, and their divorce was finalized on January 22, 2018.

Christina started dating Ant Anstead in November 2017. Then the pair got married on December 22, 2018, and gave birth to a son, Hudson London Anstead (born September 6, 2019).