Katie Price Might Be Bankrupt At The End Of This Year, Find Out Why?

Celebrities tend to live in a lavish way one can possibly imagine. Most of them never have to worry about money whereas, unfortunately, some of them lose track of their spending and go bankrupt and if we believe the sources, Katie Price would be one of them in the near future.  What is her current […]

Why Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Planning To Exclude Their Children From Their Will?

Hollywood’s Favourite Couple Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Won’t Be Passing Down Their Wealth To Their Kids Kutcher-Kunis kids, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, five, and Dimitri Portwood Kutcher, 2 might not get to enjoy the fortune of their folks for a long time. The couple has decided not to inherit their money from their offspring.  They […]

A Devastating Story Of A Women Who Lost Her Home And Business Following The Floods In The Yorkshire, Doncaster 

“I’ve Lost My Home, My Business, Everything”; Says One Of The Victims Caused By The Destructive Floods In The Doncaster The Traumatic experience of a woman named Pam Webb who lost everything she owned because of a flood that hit the Yorkshire village of Fishlake, Doncaster.  Entrepreneur Webb has revealed that the natural disaster has […]

One Of The Popular Money Making Platforms Instagram: How Can We Earn Money From The App?

Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram accounts have relatively high engagement levels. Like, an average Facebook or Twitter user has a median engagement rate of only 0.5% – 1.0%; on the other hand, an ordinary Instagram account has an engagement rate of over 3%.        Unlike YouTube, Instagram does not pay its users for […]

Joe Pesci Is Selling His Jersey Shore Mansion For $6.5 Million: More Details Of His Assets And Net Worth Here

Popular actor Joe Pesci has kept his Jersey Shore house in the market for $6.5 million as he is planning to move to California.    Where are his other houses? Does he own any cars? How much is his current net worth? We have all the details here.  Joe Pesci Is Selling His Jersey Shore […]

How Much Is The Net Worth Of American Entrepreneur John Schnatter Aka Papa John? His Earnings And Assets

Professionally known as Papa John, the 59-year-old entrepreneur John H. Schnatter is worth $975 million as of 2022. Papa John gardened his massive empire from his American pizza restaurant franchise, Papa John’s Pizza.  As of 2019, John remains the company’s largest shareholder, with 30% in his stake. What assets does he own? Details down below.  […]

Did Gordon Ramsay Pay £50,000 To Ed Sheeran To Perform At His Daughter’s Lavish 18th Birthday Party?

Popular Chef Gordon Ramsay Reportedly Paid £50,000 To Ed Sheeran To Perform At His Daughter Matilda Ramsay Birthday Celebration Gordan’s now 18-year-old daughter Matilda Ramsay recently celebrated her James Bond theme birthday party at London’s exclusive Cuckoo Club. Reportedly, Ramsay also invited Ed Sheeran to perform paying £50,000.  Recently Tilly went public with her new […]

Former CEO Of Uber Travis Kalanick Sells Nearly $1 Billion In Stock To Start A New Venture Called CloudKitchens

Travis Kalanick Has Sold Nearly $1 Billion In Stock Since Lockup Expired Uber co-founder and board member Travis Kalanick has reportedly sold more than $170 million in shares over three days. As per reports, his total sell-off is now nearly $1 billion since the 180-day restriction on the inside, and early investor sales ended this […]

Former Indian Billionaire Anil Ambani Is Taken To Court By Three Chinese Banks Over $680 Million Unpaid Loan

When rich people and celebrities get sued for money, we find it very hard to believe, don’t we? 63-year-old multi-millionaire Indian businessman Anil Ambani was dragged to court after three Chinese banks sued him for $680 million unpaid loans. Well, this isn’t the first time Ambani got into trouble. Read down below to find out […]

One Of The Youngest Billionaires Zhang Bo Reportedly Spent $37M On Six Houses: How Much Net Worth Does He Have?

How Does A Billionaire Enjoy Their Billions Of Dollars?  Many of the successful billionaires- if not all of them are property enthusiasts, and the Chinese billionaire Zhang Bo is undoubtedly amongst them.  As per the recent report, Zhang spent $37 million on six houses. What are his other assets? How much is his net worth? […]