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Mike Judge-Net Worth, Movies, Age, Personal Life, Divorce, Children

Mike Judge, a Primetime Emmy-winning American animator, voice artist, filmmaker & musician got breakthrough to fame with animated sitcom Beavis and Butt-Head (1993- 1997, 2011). 

Mike’s success hiked even more, as he co-created other animated series like King of the Hill (1997- 2010) and Tales from the Tour Bus  (2017- 2018), & the TV series Silicon Valley (2014- 2019).

What Is Mike Judge’s Net Worth In 2020?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Judge, 57, has a net worth of $75 million as of April 2020

Indeed, he made hefty sum as the creator & executive producer of acclaimed animated series- firstly, thanks to Beavis and Butt-Head, it ran throughout 7 seasons (1993- 1997) & Season 8 aired in 2011.

Moreover, Mike served as director & producer of the 1996 animated film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, with Demi Moore & Bruce Willis in the voice-over.

The film made on the budget of $12 million collected $63.1 million in the box office.

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Creation Of Other TV & Animates Series

Having worked in Saturday Night Live (1993- 1994) alongside Mike Myers, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, the Ecuador-born animator created animated TV series: 

  1. King of the Hill (1997- 2010, 13 seasons & 259 episodes)- Writer & Executive Producer
  2. The Goode Family (2009, only 1 season with 13 episodes)- Writer & Executive Producer
  3. Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus (2017- 2018)- Director, Writer & Executive Producer

Judge’s 4th TV show Silicon Valley, a comedy TV series co-created alongside John Altschuler & Dave Krinsky, premiered on April 6, 2014.

The show Silicon Valley, where Mike served as writer, exec. producer & director, ran for 6 seasons (totalling 53 episodes) & concluded on December 8, 2019.

Any Career Update? In 2019, the American animator announced his on-going work on 2 projects for HBO: QualityLand and A5.

Quit Engineering Jobs & Persuaded Music & Animation

After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, with a degree in Physics,Judge briefly had jobs in physics and mechanical engineering in 1985.

And following his move to Silicon Valley in 1987, he joined a video card startup Parallax Graphics, however, quit in less than 3 months.

Shortly after, Mike Judge became bass player for a touring blues band Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets, & had 2 years stint at the band; he contributed in the 1990 song “Rack ‘Em Up”.

In 1989, he came up with an idea of venturing in animation with self-created animation & short films, so, he bought a Bolex 16 mm film camera.

After the Comedy Central acquired Judge’s short-film Office Space in the 1991 Animation Festival, his fame in the animation world began to rose up.

It followed the release of the other 2 short-films, The Honky Problem and Milton, both in 1991.

Breakthrough With ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’: What Was Its Inspiration?

In 1992, he created Frog Baseball, an animated short film, that consisted of the characters Beavis and Butt-Head; it premiered on September 22, 1992.

With the success of the short-film, it led to the creation of independent animated TV series ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ on MTV, which would run from 1993 to 1997.

The animated series’ title characters are heavy metal-loving & socially incompetent teenagers, who display satirical & scathing commentary on society.

In 2011, the series was revived for Season 8 (October 27- December 29, 2011) & reportedly, gained 3.3 million total viewers in the premiere.

Did you know? The short-film ‘Frog Baseball’ is credited as the pilot episode of the famous animated series ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’.

Where Does He Live?

Currently, Mike Judge divides his residence between Santa Monica, California & Austin, Texas. In November 2011, he bought a Mediterranean-style estate in Santa Monica for $4.45 million.

The 2-story property spread on 3,700-sq. ft. features a spacious master suite with separate bathrooms.

Judge’s other house in Austin is a 7,278-sq. ft mini-mansion with 2.5 bathrooms, which he purchased in 2006 for $700,000.

Sold Malibu Mansion For $600K Loss

After 8 years of purchase, Mike Judge sold his single-story ranch house in Malibu, California for $4.3 million in May 2015

In fact, the sale was a $600,000 plus loss to the American animator, who bought the 6 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms property for $4.919 million in September 2007.

Reportedly, the property spread on 3,696 sq. ft. was in the market for $5.3 million in 2013 & later slashed the price to $4.5 million in March 2015, & eventually went for $200,000 less.

Formerly, he owned another house in Malibu, spread on 4,903 sq ft home & boasting 5 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms. Reportedly, he deeded it to ex-wife Francesca Morocco; he had purchased the house in 1998 for $2 million.

Father Of 3 Children: Divorced Wife Of 20 Years

In February 1989, Mike married Francesca Morocco; they remained together for 20 years until their divorce in 2009.

Together with his (now) ex-wife Francesca, he welcomed 2 children, both daughters: Lily & Julia. Mike’s daughters are on good terms with him & often share posts with them on Instagram.

As reported, Judge also had a relationship with Katrina Bronson & welcomed a son named Charles Judge on April 4, 2007.

Social Media Followers

As of April 2020, the King of the Hill creator has over 44.1K followers on Instagram (@realmikejudge) while his Twitter followers (@MikeJudge) count 177.6K.


Mike Judge was born Michael Craig Judge on October 17, 1962, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, as 2nd of the 3 children. His father William James Judge was an archaeologist while mother Margaret Yvonne worked as a Librarian.

At the age of 7, Judge’s family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he attended St. Pius X High School

Later, he enrolled at the University of California, San Diego & graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1985.

Did you know? Mike is good friends with other animated TV series creators: Seth MacFarlane (the Family Guy creator) and with Matt Stone & Trey Parker, who co-created ‘South Park.’ 

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Kanye West Is Worth $3.3 Billion, Finances House, Salary

Kanye West, the self-proclaimed ‘greatest artist that God has ever created’ claims, is a billionaire as of April 2020. The news broke after he claimed he is worth $3.3 Billion while Forbes, claims the rapper is worth around $1.3 Billion.

West has been a controversial figure ever since his rise to stardom, but a rant about his net worth and accusing a magazine of lowballing his riches in the middle of a global pandemic is weird even for him.

What Is Kanye West’s Actual Net Worth?

Kanye West claims he is worth a staggering $3.3 billion in 2020, which is more than the reported net worth of POTUS Donald Trump, Kanye’s political idol. On the other hand, Forbes has estimated his net worth at $1.3 Billion ($1.26 Billion).

The rapper started a ‘feud’ with Forbes after he was featured on their cover page in August 2019 because of his sneaker empire; he was not put on their list of billionaires at the time.

Similarly, when the publication released another list in 2020, and it did not feature him, he texted Forbes telling them they were part of a media conspiracy trying to suppress the fact that Kanye West was a billionaire.

He said that the business mag was trying to hide his self-made narrative because West is an African-American.

In conclusion, he is a billionaire with a net worth of around $1.26 Billion and not the $3.3 billion he claims. A significant contributor to his more than billion-dollar net worth is his line of sneakers, the Adidas Yeezy.

Houses And Land Contribute To Around 10% Of Their Net Worth

Kimye has owned a lot of properties over the years; reports suggest they own approximately $100 million worth of houses and land.

Their house itself is a huge mansion revered by many as a ‘supermansion’. They have also flipped some houses, in fact, they made a major profit selling a Bel-Air home at $17.8 Million; they had originally bought the estate for $9 million.

Another Californian property the pair own is The Madison Club Land in La Quinta, which they took off the market for $6.3 million. The plot is spread over 2 acres and is covered with lush greenery for now.

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The Yeezy HQ, which is located in Calabasas, California, is also a huge property they own. The studio is spread over 14,390 sq. ft. They also own $6.3M Worth Of Land In the Palm Springs Area.

Yeezys: A Sneaker Giant

Kanye has been active as a designer for quite a while, he first designed a show in 2006 for Adidas, but it was never commercially released. Then he started designing Yeezys for Nike; he did two seasons with Nike before he left his partnership with the company.

The company was not willing to pay him royalties according to the West, then the star went to Adidas and signed a deal of designing the shoes in which he would get royalties.

Then the first Adidas Yeezy was released in February 2015 after much anticipation. Rihanna, Diddy, and wife Kim Kardashian modeled for the product.

Yeezy is also a clothing brand in addition to being a sneaker icon, the range of clothes for the first season of their release ranged from $600 to $3,000.

According to Forbes, the Yeezy brand generated around $1.3 Billion in revenue in 2019. From that amount, West, as per his deal, would receive 15% off Yeezy revenue that came to $195 Million, but some expenses were also deducted from his cut, so he earned around $140 Million, which is around 11%.

After the release of Yeezy, the stock for Adidas also rose exponentially, making it a very profitable line of sneakers. West owns 100% of the Yeezy brand, but the company’s functional assets, such as distribution, are tied to Adidas.

Beating Jay-Z And Beyoncé For Top Spot As Richest Power Couple

Jay-Z became the first hip-hop artist to reach $1 billion net worth in June 2019. His wife Beyoncé was worth $400 Million at the time, bringing their combined net worth to $1.4 billion.

At the time, BusnessInsider estimated that West And his wife Kim Kardashian had a combined fortune of $510 Million. Breaking that down, Kanye was worth $160 Million and Kardashian-West $350 Million.

But in 2020, due to the release of new financial documents by Kanye and his rant against Forbes, Kimye has beaten Jayoncé to the crown as the richest super-couple.

West Continues His Feud With Forbes

The rapper was not satisfied with his valuation at $1.3 billion by the publication and wrote to them saying

“It’s not a billion, it’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count.”

West self-appraised his net worth at $3.3 Billion, but the magazine has decided that he is worth just over a Billion dollars. The magazine also decided to reveal the names of those people who were just as obsessed with their valuation as West.

They detailed the continuous interest of Donald Trump and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who were also fixated on what the magazine had to say about their total assets.

After Ye protested publicly about his valuation saying, “I showed them an $890 million receipt, and they still didn’t say ‘billionaire,”.

Later he also texted the magazine “You know what you’re doing, you’re toying with me and I’m not finna lye [sic] down and take it anymore in Jesus name.”

He also said that he was upset that his sister-in-law was also not included in the list. Kylie Jenner made history by becoming the publication’s youngest self-made billionaire in March 2019. At the time, she was only 22 years old.

Her valuation as a billionaire is thanks to her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics, which was valued at more than $1.2 billion. The revenue of the company was $300 million at the end of 2016.

Interesting: Kanye West said he would change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year.

Kimye’s Donations To The Coronavirus Relief Effort

Kanye West partnered with the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A to provide Over 300,000 meals to the Los Angeles Dream Center. The foundation is providing around 11,000 meals on a daily basis because of the support it has received from West and Chick-fil-A.

In addition to this, Ye also donated to We Women Empowered and organization based in his old hometown neighborhood of Chicago.

In a similar fashion, Kim Kardashian has pledged 20 percent of profits from her SKIMS brand sales to the non-profit organization Baby2Baby. The foundation helps babies that are living in poverty, providing them the essentials.

Fans also slammed Kardashian for promoting her SKIMS line during the pandemic when they were at home without jobs.

She had captioned a post on her Instagram with

“With this restock, SKIMS will be able to help bring relief to those affected by COVID-19 by committing to donate $1M to families in need.”

Heavily drawing criticism from her more than 167 million followers.

Kylie Jenner also donated $1 million to Los Angeles Health Care Workers, along with 6,000 pounds of hand sanitizers to hospitals in Southern California.

One-half of the celebrity couple Kimye have just beat to become the richest couple, Jay-Z also teamed up with Rihanna to donate to the relief effort. Riri also teamed up with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to donate $4.2 million to the relief effort.

Jack Dorsey had already pledged $1 billion to the relief effort,

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Menno Versteeg-Net Worth, Bio, Professional Career, Married Life, Wife

Menno Versteeg is a famous Canadian guitarist, singer, and musical artist, who is an active member of the band, Hollerado since 2007, alongside band members Jake Boyd, Nixon Boyd, and Dean Baxter. He, however, is also famous as actress Annie Murphy’s husband.

His Wiki-Bio

Menno was born on 7th January 1980, in Ottawa, Canada. The 40 years old singer belongs to Canadian nationality, whereas his ethnicity is Caucasian white. He did not reveal much about his personal life and prefers to maintain a low-key profile.

Professional Career

The 5 feet 8 inches tall singer first released album, Record in a Bag, back in 2009. The band has since then released three more albums, White Pain in 2013, Born Yesterday in 2017, and Retaliation Vacation in 2019.

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Likewise, Menno’s famous singles are Americanarama in 2010, Got to Lose in 2011, So It Goes in 2013, Born Yesterday in 2017, I Got You in 2017, and Eloise in 2018.

Menno even released his debut solo album, Reno Tapes, on 9th March 2020.

Menno Versteeg is a Canadian guitarist, singer, and musical artist
SOURCE: The Globe And Mail

Besides being the frontman of Hollerado, he is also a member of Canadian supergroup Anyway Gang and co-founder of the record label, Royal Mountain Records.  

His wife, Canadian actress Annie Murphy, who started acting career in 2007, is famous for appearing on Picture This, Lethal Obsession, Lick, Schitt’s Creek, Rookie Blue, Beauty and the Beast, Blue Mountain State, The Business, The Plateaus, Against the Wall, The Beautiful Life: TBL, and many others.

How Much Is Menno Versteeg’s Net Worth?

Being active in the musical field, and co-owning record label, the celebrity spouse has definitely gathered a hefty amount of money. As of 2020, Menno Versteeg’s net worth is around $1 million, whereas he earns $400 thousand to $500 thousand per annum.

On the other side, his wife, Annie Murphy’s worth is $3 million. The millionaire pair one lost their apartment in a fire. While the duo was away at Annie’s parents’ cottage, their apartment burned down where they lost all of their possessions.

Maintains A Low-Key Married Life

The 5 feet 8 inches tall musical artist, Menno, is a married man. He enjoys a healthy marital life with girlfriend-turned-wife, Annie Murphy.

The duo tied the knot on 11th August 2011, in a private wedding ceremony in front of their family members and close friends. The pair maintains a low-key profile; however, time and often shares pictures of each other on social media accounts like Instagram.

Menno enjoys a healthy marital life with girlfriend-turned-wife, Annie Murphy
SOURCE: Narcity

Despite being busy with their respective career, the pair has successfully managed to spend quality time together.

Menno and Annie, who is currently married for over nine years, have not revealed anything on welcoming kids.

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