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Caroline Flack Has Turned Her Liability To The Source Of Income   

  • Caroline Flack took her £1.1 million ($1.4 million) worth London flat off the market. 
  • Flack listed her flat on sale back in September 2019 for $1.43 million. 
  • Flack and her boyfriend Lewis Burton used to live together at the flat. 
  • Caroline Flack was filed against an assault case by Burton. 

Radio presenter Caroline Flack has reportedly shaken off her lavish London flat from the market and turned it into one of her sources of generating money.

A source reported that she came up with the idea of renting her £1.1 million ($1.42 million) worth London flat after she lost her £1.2 million ($1.55 million) salary as the host of Love Island.

A verified site, The Sun cited, ‘It’s been on the market for a while – but she’s taken it off and will now rent it out as it makes more business sense.’

Caroline Flack $1.4 million worth London FlatImage Source: YouTube @New News
Caroline Flack $1.4 million worth London Flat   Image Source: YouTube @New News

Flack put her London flat up for sale in September 2019, though the news took the highlight only after her arrest for assault in December 2019. She was taken into custody for an alleged attack on her boyfriend, Lewis Burton.

The flat features the two lavish bedrooms, spacious rooms, open plan kitchen, modern and colorful decor.

Previously, Caroline Flack was living in the flat with Burton.

A reliable source claimed, Flack is plotting her TV comeback soon following a month-long break. Further reported, she has given up alcohol and focused on making a comeback in the media industry.

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According to Daily Mail, The Love Island bossed would like to have Flack back as host for the upcoming summer series of Love Island.

Caroline Flack and her boyfriend Lewis BurtonImage Source: Mirror
Caroline Flack and her boyfriend Lewis Burton   Image Source: Mirror

The Daily Mail reported, “Caroline has not touched alcohol since before Christmas and has been getting to the gym every day. She is in much better shape, both physically and mentally.”

She is set to be appearing in the court in March because of her assault case against Lewis.