Quick Facts of

  • First NameBusta
  • Last NameRhymes
  • Date of Birth27 September, 2023
  • Net Worth$ 23 million
  • CareerAmerican Rapper, Singer, Musician, Record Producer, Record Executive, Actor
  • Age50 Years
  • Height6 Feet 1 inch

What Is The Net Worth Of Rapper Busta Rhymes?  

Busta Rhymes is an American rapper, singer, musician, record producer, record executive, and actor with a net worth of $23 million. He is best known for his fast-paced rapping style and outlandish fashion sense in hip-hop.   

He has been nominated 11 times for Grammys and named one of the greatest lyricists and rappers with one of the best flows. 

Busta Rhymes Owns $23 Million In 2022: Career And Salary

Rhymes began his career in 1989 and since has amassed a net worth of $20 million. 

Alongside fellow Long Island natives Charlie Brown, Dinco D and Cut Monitor Milo, he formed the East Coast Hip Hop group, Leaders of the New School in 1989. Rhymes’ use of his Jamaican heritage and slangs brought a distinct style to the group which led to their popularity.

However, the rising popularity of Rhymes over other band members caused the band to break up on the set of Yo! MTV Raps. 

By the summer of 1992, Rhymes had become a household name in east coast rap. He appeared in songs of artists such as Nas, The Notorious B.I.G,  Puff Daddy, Jay-Z among many other East coast rappers, who were part of the feud against west coast rappers like 2 Pac, Snoop Dogg, etc. 

He also appeared in his first film Strapped which also starred rapper Ice Cube. 

In the summer of 1995, Rhymes began working on his debut studio album The Coming and was released in March of 1996. A month before the album was released, he had released a single, “Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check” which led to his breakthrough. 

Since he has released 9 studio albums given below:

AlbumRelease DateSales (units)
The ComingMarch 26, 19961 million
When Disaster Strikes September 16, 19971 million
E.L.EDecember 15, 19981 million
AnarchyJune 20, 2000n/a
GenesisNovember 27, 20111 million
It ain’t safe no moreNovember 26, 2002560,000
The Big BangJune 13, 206823,000
Back on My B.S.May 19, 2009n/a
Year of the dragonAugust 21, 2012n/a

His 8th album also had a guest appearance by Lil Wayne.

An Island Was Named After Him 

An unnamed island in Shrewsbury, Worcester County, Massachusetts was named after the rapper. The island is 12m x 12m in area. The proposal was made by Shrewsbury resident Kevin O’Brien who began caring for the island on a frequent basis. 

He is Fond of His Lamborghini

Busta is a car lover and owns a few luxurious cars, including a Lamborghini, which he is fond of.

Rhymes owns many cars but the most famous of them all is a green and yellow Lamborghini Murcielago worth around $500,000 stock. 

Charity And Taxes

Rhymes has performed in many charity shows, the latest one being in London. He has also donated the funds for hurricane and flood reliefs all across the USA.  

He is endorsed by Courvoisier whiskey. 

In 2014, the rapper also made headlines owing a reported $790,000 in taxes. He, however, didn’t seem worried, and by now, he probably has paid back all of the taxes to the IRS.  

The Personal Life Of Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes was born Trevor George Smith Jr on May 20, 1972, in Brooklyn, NYC, New York to parents Geraldine Green and Trevor Smith Sr. Both of his parents are from Jamaica who immigrated to the US. 

He grew up in Brooklyn and at age 12, moved to the United Kingdom, spending time in Liverpool and Morecambe before returning back to the US.   

He attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School with future rappers Biggy, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. He graduated from Uniondale High School in Long Island in 1990 and directly went into his hip-hop career.  

He Has Children From His Relationships

He dated Karrine Steffans and Joanne Wood. From the latter, he has 5 children; Three sons, T’Ziah, T’Khi, Trillian and daughters, Cacie and Mariah. 

Their eldest son T’Ziah died a premature death but the reason has not been revealed. 

Age & Height 

Busta Rhymes is 50 years old; he was born on May 20, 1972, and has a height of 185 cm or 6 feet 1 inch. 

Legal Issues  

  • On August 20, 2006, he was arrested and brought to a hearing for charges of assault against a man who spat on his car after a concert.
  • On October 24, 2006, Rhymes attended a court hearing in Manhattan for possession of a Machete but the judge refused to charge the rapper and adjourned the case.
  • On February 20, 2007, Rhymes pleaded guilty to attacking his former driver, Edward Hatchett. The charges included five-day community service, two weeks of youth lectures and six months of anger management classes, and three years of probation.
  • On May 23, 2007, he was arrested in Manhattan for driving without a license and driving while drunk. On March 18, 2008, he was sentenced to three years probation, 10 days of community service, and a total of $1250 in fines.
  • On September 25, 2008, Rhymes was ordered not to enter the UK for a charity concert due to “unresolved convictions”. However, he won the case and was allowed.
  • On October 14, 2009, a Brooklyn judge ordered Rhymes to pay compensation of $75,000 for an assault against a concertgoer that occurred in 2003.