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  • First NameAndrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli is an Italian Opera singer, songwriter, and record producer. Life is tough enough as it is, but for Andrea, it was especially so, after a congenital defect rendered him partially blind and a playground accident finished the job. By age 13, Andrea was completely blind.  

Despite the many curveballs life has thrown at Andrea, he has persevered and remains one of the most respected and revered singers and musicians of all time. 

When Celine Dion says, “if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli” — that’s all the validation anyone requires.

But that is far from Bocelli’s only accomplishment. He is also a five-time Grammy and a Primetime Emmy Award-nominated act who has sold over 90 million records to date.  

Oh, and let’s not forget that even the lowest estimates of his net worth put him at $40 million (therichest.com), with the highest estimates reporting as much as $100 million (celebritynetworth.com).

How Did Andrea Bocelli Become A Multi-Millionaire?

After honing his craft in piano bars, Andrea got his big break when he was enlisted by Italian maestros, Zucchero and Luciano Pavarotti, to collaborate on their track, “Miserere“.  

The single was a hit all over Europe and capitalizing on its success, Andrea toured with Zucchero who allowed him to perform solo sets. 

After winning the newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival, Bocelli released his debut studio album, Il mare calmo della sera, in 1994.

At the 1999 Grammy Awards, Bocelli was nominated in the Best New Artist category that ultimately went to Lauryn Hill. The following year, he was nominated for two Grammy Awards: for his fifth studio album, Sogono, and for the collaboration song, “The Prayer“.

His albums Cinema and Si were nominated for two consecutive Grammy Awards in 2019 and 2020 but lost the running to other albums.

Andrea also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for his duet with Celine Dion, “The Prayer“, from the 1998 animated-musical, The Quest for Camelot. The song was also nominated for an Academy Award.     

To date, Bocelli has released 16 studio albums, 22 singles, 4 collaborative albums, three compilation albums, 11 complete opera recordings, and 3 live albums.

To date, he has sold over 80 million albums worldwide, making him the biggest-selling classical act in history, with his sixth studio album, Sacred Arias alone, moving 20 million copies worldwide. He holds the Guinness World Record for being the only classical act to hold the #1, #2, and #3 positions on the US Classical albums chart history.  

Earnings From Record Sales  

Record NameYearEarnings (In $)
Viaggio Italiano 19951,335,000
Bocelli 1995895,000
Romanza 199738,500,000
A Night in Tuscany 1998315,000
Aria: The Opera Album 19981,675,000
Sacred Arias 19991,895,000
Sogno 199916,480,000
Verdi 2000645,000
Sacred Arias: The Home Video 200057,500
Cieli di Toscana 20012,920,000
Sentimento 20021,480,000
Andrea 20041,270,000
Under the Desert Sky 2006130,000
Amore 20063,322,000
The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere 20073,300,000
Incanto 2008107,849
Vivere Live in Tuscany 2008375,000
My Christmas 20093,600,000
Concerto: One Night in Central Park 20111,122,500
Opera 2012100,000
Passione 2013608,000

Where Does Andrea Bocelli Live?

Andrea lives with his wife, Veronica Bert, and their daughter, Virginia Bocelli, and split their time between living in their house in Italy and in Miami Beach, Florida.  

Bocelli’s primary residence is a seaside villa called Villa Alpemare, located on the coast of Versilia, Tuscany, Italy. 

The 8000-foot villa used to be a hotel from the end of World War II to the late ’90s. The house went through years of renovation to fit the needs of Bocelli and his family. The house was also retro-fitted with modern heating, water, electrical system, and refurbished with new windows and floors, among other things during the renovation.

The first story of the three-story villa primarily consists of the living and dining rooms. The second floor is the office, music studio, and guest quarters, and the third floor is where the master suite and personal spaces are.

Andrea also owns a home in Keystone Point, Miami, Florida, that he bought circa 2013. The Colonial-inspired contemporary home has seven bedrooms and a large pool that overlooks the Biscayne Bay.      

Where And When Was Andrea Bocelli Born?  

Andrea was born to father Alessandro Bocelli and mother Edi Bocelli. When tests showed that Andre would be born with congenital defects, his parents were advised to abort the baby. His mother, though, was adamant that she couldn’t go through with it, and on September 22, 1958, Andrea Angel Bocelli was born.

Andre did have congenital defects at birth that exacerbated during his teen years, but even that was better than having not been born at all. 

He was born and raised in the family farmhouse in the communal village of La Sterza in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy. Even as a child, Andrea would find solace in music, and he trained to become a musician when he took up piano lessons at 6. He also learned to play the flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and drums. 

Andrea graduated from secondary school and studied law at the University of Pisa. He finished his course and spent a year as a court-appointed lawyer. 

The Congenital Defect And Playground Accident That Left Andrea Blind At 13

The doctors’ predictions came true when Andrea was born with a congenital defect that hindered vision. The disability was diagnosed to be Congenital Glaucoma, which impaired his vision.

Despite the defect, Andrea continued to excel at school and participated in sports such as football, which proved to be his undoing.

It was while playing football that Andrea was hit square in the eye by an oncoming foul ball. He suffered a brain hemorrhage and went completely blind at 13.     

Who Is Andrea Bocelli’s Wife? Does He have Children?

Andrea met his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti, in 1987 at one of the piano bars where he was doing gigs. They got married on June 27, 1992. 

Bocelli has two children by Enrica: sons Amos Bocelli (born on February 22, 1995) and Matteo Bocelli (born on October 8, 1997).

They divorced in 2002.

Andrea married for the second time to his manager, Veronica Berti, on March 21, 2014. They have one daughter together: Virginia Bocelli (born on March 21, 2012).

They split their time living in their home in Italy and Miami.