Quick Facts of

  • First NameAlexander
  • Last NameMarquardt
  • Net Worth$ 14 million
  • CareerJournalist
  • Age42 Years
  • Height6 Feet

Alexander Marquardt is a famous high-profile American award (Emmy and Edward R. Murrow) winning journalist who is widely known as the former foreign correspondent in ABC News and current senior national correspondent on CNN

Marquardt is focused on the national security issues in the network since rejoining CNN back in May 2017. During his tenure at ABC, he reported the wars and uprisings in the Middle East, including the wave terror attacks across Europe.  

How Much Salary Does Alex Marquardt Earns? 

The very secretive journalist Alex started his journalism career after joining NBC News back in February 2005, where he worked for only ten months. 

Since then, Marquardt has polished his abilities and worked in high-profile leading television news channels like CNN and ABC News.

As of 2022, Alex’s net worth is around $13 million. His journalism career is his primary source of income. There is no doubt that the undercover journalist earns a hefty amount of money based on the risk that he puts on.

While working as the NBC Page in NBC News back in 2005, he earned between $49, 063, to $141, 209 per annum. Similarly, during his time on ABC, he earned more than $100, 000 salary. If we talk about the exact number, another foreign correspondent reporter of the channel Mark Corcoran’s made $172, 035, so, no doubt, his wage was on the same range. 

Glass Door claims that the average salary of correspondent salary ranges from $92 thousand to $203 thousand. He is currently an employee of CNN as per the Glass Door, a correspondent’s salary is covered between $92K – $201K.   

From Syria, Libya To Europe, Asia; Alex Marquardt’s Important Stories

Marquardt is known for his bravery and for being the first-ever American ABC correspondent in Cairo as the Egyptian revolution took in 2011 before reporting on the Libyan uprising.

During his tenure at ABC, Alex took many trips to Syria to cover the war, both on the rebel and regime sides. Back in 2012 and 2014, he was the first journalist to travel to the Gaza Strip to report the wars with Israel.

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He has traveled to many places in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. He was in Paris while Charlie Hebdo massacre occurred, in Johannesburg when Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95 of respiratory tract infection, in Europe for the migrant and refugee crisis, and in Nepal during the devastating earthquake in 2015.

Alex has also covered news from Russia and Central Asia from Moscow. He won Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards for his story on Libyan’s ongoing war and for working as an undercover investigation on child sex trafficking in the Philippines.  

Talking about his contributions to CNN, he joined CNN as a political embed reporter in November 2007 and covered the 2008 presidential election. He traveled with candidates like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, and governors like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

After rejoining the network, Alex helped the network in the national and international breaking news coverage on a wide range of stories.

Maintains A Low-Key Profile

Alex, because of the nature of his work, keeps a low-key profile. He has not revealed his family and parents, and the same goes for his relationship status too. 

One thing we can be sure of is that he is committed to his profession and is one of the courageous journalists of this era.