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  • First NameAamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is considered by many to be the best actor in the Indian film industry. Starting his career in 1973, he has since established himself as one of the premier actors in Bollywood. 

The actor only releases one film per year but still manages to wow audiences and rake in millions at the box office. Khan has been awarded many awards, including the Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri.

How Much Is Aamir Khan’s Net Worth In 2020?

Indian actor Aamir Khan has a net worth of around $180 million as of April 2020. He made this net worth primarily from an acting career spanning more than 47 years. 

He comes from a family of film industry professionals, which paved the way for him into Bollywood, but he struggled for a lot of years before becoming one of the greatest Indian actors.

Khan Has Lavish Cars

Aamir Khan owns some of the most expensive cars that money can buy, including a Mercedes Benz S600. The car has a V12 engine and gives 545 bhp of power and delivers a whopping 830nm torque.

The cost of the S600 can range from $353,760 to $406,560 (Rs 10 Crore in India). Adding to the features of the car is the fact that it has been custom designed and is bulletproof. 

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In addition to this, he also owns the following cars

Rolls Royce Ghost$311,900 (Rs. 3.1 Crore)
Toyota Fortuner$44,470 – $54,120 (Rs 23 Lakh)
Bentley Continental$250,000 (Rs. 2.25 Crore)
BMW 6 Series$70,000- $124,400 (Rs. 1.2 Crore)
Land Rover Range Rover$90,900
 BMW 7 series$90,700 / $84,850 (Rs 1.2 Crore)

Exorbitant Houses

To go with his luxurious car collection, Khan also has various extravagant properties; he owns a property in Panchgani, Maharashtra, India, which he bought for around $2 million (Rs 15 Crore). 

Similarly, he and his family live in an apartment complex at Freeda Apartment in Bandra, Maharashtra, India. The apartment cost him $8.5 Million (Rs 65 crore). The flat has an open living space and is sea-facing, giving the Khan family a great view of the ocean.  

Likewise, Mr. Perfectionist also owns a staggering 22 houses in Shahabad. The total cost of the houses is around $3.9 million (Rs. 30 Crore). It seems like the purchase of houses is a business venture rather than a residential purchase. 

Perhaps, the cherry on top of his property collection is his Beverly Hills, USA property. He bought the property as a gift for his wife for approximately $9.7 million (Rs 75 crore).  

High Earnings

Khan’s earnings over the years have been incredibly high even though he releases just one film per year, in fact, he earned INR 79.50 crore ($10 million) in 2018 alone. Before this, in 2017, he earned around $42 million from just one film, Dangal.

Breaking down, the $42 million he earned $27 million as salary plus the 33% profits of the film as per his contract. He also received $15.3 million (₹100 Crore) from the release of his film in China.

Similarly, he earned around $26 Million (₹200 Crore) for his work on the film PK.

Additionally, Khan is also one of the most expensive celebrities when it comes to advertising brands.

Charity, Backlash For Social Activism And Donation To Coronavirus Relief Fund

As a celebrity, Aamir Khan has used his immense global popularity to help people fighting various issues. He has been passionately involved in supporting the marginalized and mistreated portion of the Indian public.

Back in April 2006, due to his outspoken views and protest against raising the Narmada dam’s height as it could displace a lot of tribal residents in the area, he faced backlash, and a partial ban was also placed on his film Fanaa

Similar to his controversy in 2006, he faced a lot of backlash from Indian audiences for expressing his views against the increasing intolerance against Muslims in the country.

The Indian media immensely criticized him for criticizing the lack of punishment by the Hindu BJP Government for crimes committed against Muslims. The star was branded anti-national, and the Indian media branded his comments as the intolerance row.

He is also incredibly popular as a feminist, children’s rights advocate, and he even hosted the show Satyamev Jayate to bring to light and help people facing various social issues.

The show has tackled some of the biggest issues in India, such as female foeticide, child sexual abuse, rape, honour killings, domestic violence, untouchability, etc.

Via the show, he raised $4.7 million as a donation for the various NGOs features on the first season of the show.  

Contribution To Coronavirus Relief

Khan has continued his humanitarian efforts in 2020, donating money to help India fight the Coronavirus. He donated to the PM Cares relief fund and Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund. 

He has also supported the daily wages of the workers in his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha. Additionally, he has also used his fame to encourage people to follow the Government guidelines.

Status As A Khan In Bollywood

The Indian film industry’s Khans are Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. They are considered the pinnacle of actors in Bollywood and are some of the most profitable actors in the world.  

Aamir Khan has a different persona to most in the industry, and people consider him to be a perfectionist. He is also known for not attending award shows but was criticized for attending the Oscars.

Aamir is an internationally recognized star and is one of the most in-demand actors in Bollywood even after 36 years of his debut as an actor, before this he worked as a child actor in one of his uncle’s films. 

Most of his films also have an underlying social message; in fact, his films have showcased messages against ragging, religious intolerance, gender discrimination, etc.

Films such as 3 Idiots and Tare Zameen Par have dealt with the struggles of being a student and themes of depression surrounding the pressure faced by young students.

As of late, the star’s acting reputation among fans and critics has been mixed due to cinema disasters like Thugs of Hindostan and Dhoom 3. He is set to come out with Laal Singh Chaddha in 2020, but the release date might be affected due to the global pandemic.

Short Biography

Aamir Khan was born Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan on 14 March 1965 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India, to Tahir Hussain and Zeenat Hussain. He has 3 siblings, Faisal Khan, Farhat Khan, and Nikhat Khan. 

He went to J.B. Petit School, St. Anne’s High School, and later gave his Matriculation exam from Bombay Scottish School. He later went to Narsee Monjee College. 

Khan is married to Kiran Rao as of April 2020; he tied the knot on 28 December 2005. They have a son Azad Rao Khan (born 5 December 2011).

Before this, he was married to Reena Dutta from 1986 until Khan filed for divorce in December 2002. Dutta won the custody of their two children, Ira and Junaid.