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Phil Donahue-Net Worth, Bio, Age, Awards, Personal Life, Wife, Kids

Phil Donahue is one of the veteran on-air personalities best known as the longtime host of The Phil Donahue Show (later called Donahue). The show predominantly focused on issues that divide liberals and conservatives. 

His years-long association with the widely popular show won him nine Daytime Emmy Awards as an outstanding host. He was also corporated into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame in 1993. He often described as the ‘king of daytime talk’. 

In 1996, Donahue left the show, resurfacing with a short-lived show on MSNBC in 2002. He also served as a director for the 2007 documentary Body of War.  

How Much Is Phil Donahue Net Worth? 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Phil Donahue has a net worth of $25 million as of 2020. He has racked such an impressive amount of wealth from his work in a wide array of popular TV programs.

Though the salary Phil received for his prime role as a talks show host is still missing, the average salary for this post in the U.S. is estimated at over $73,698 a year.

Charity Work 

Phil Donahue is a devoted philanthropist who supports many charitable organizations, most notably Peace Alliance and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  

Alison Sweeney, Amanda Seyfried, Amber Valletta, Anna Kendrick, Anna Kournikova, and Anthony Kiedis are also part of the aforementioned non-profit projects.

Phil Donahue Sold His Westport Estate For $20 Million 

In June 2013, Phil Donahue and his wife Marlo Thomas, an actress, sold their Beachside Avenue waterfront estate in Westport for $20 million to neighbour Andrew Bentley

They listed the property for $27.5 million in May 2012. The 7.56-acre estate’s main house boasts five bedrooms, four full baths, two half baths, and three fireplaces. 

Sources reported that the couple also sold their 7,379-square-foot 1911 wood-and-stucco Tudor house in Long Island, New York, for $25 million in 2006. 

The house features nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and five fireplaces. It also includes a guesthouse.  

Phil Donahue Is From A Middle-Class Family 

Phil Donahue was born on 21st Dec 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in a middle-class family in Cleveland, where his father, Phillip Donahue, was a furniture sales clerk, and his mother, Catherine McClory, worked as a department store shoe clerk.  

Phil attended Our Lady of Angels elementary school in the West Park neighbourhood of Cleveland. He later got enrolled at St. Edward High School.  

In 1957, Donahue obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Notre Dame. 

Wife And Children 

Phil Donahue married Margaret Cooney on 1st Feb 1958. The pair has five children: four sons Michael Donahue, Kevin Donahue, Daniel Donahue, Jim Donahue and a daughter Mary Rose. The couple, however, divorced in 1975.

On 21st May 1980, Donahue went on to marry his second wife, Marlo Thomas. They are together ever since. 

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Rodney Mullen-Skateboard, Height, House, Wife, Life, Age, Net Worth,

Rodney Mullen is an American former professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and public speaker. A pioneer and inventor in the world of skateboarding, he is dubbed the “Godfather of Street Skateboarding” for inventing, among other things, the flat ground ollie, kickflip, heelflip, and impossible. 

As of April 2020, Rodney Mullen’s net worth is $30 million.

How Did Rodney Mullen Make His Million Dollar Fortune?

Rodney started skateboarding at age 10, and a year later, he was already performing in the Boy’s Freestyle leg of the US Open Championships. He was scouted by skateboard manufacturer, Bruce Walker, who was so impressed by his skills that he agreed to sponsor him.  

Rodney then started training rigorously and racked up thirty consecutive wins in local amateur skateboarding competitions throughout the late 1970s and won the national competition held in Oceanside, California, in 1979 at age 13. 

A true prodigy, Rodney went on to rack up victories, culminating in the-then-14-year-old Mullen beating the world champion, Steve Rocco, at the Oasis Pro competition in 1980. 

By 1990, Rodney had won all but one out of the thirty-five freestyle competitions that he entered in. 

Rodney was also a pioneer and an inventor, and he invented a majority of skating’s ollie and flip tricks. Some of his most prominent contributions to vertical skateboarding and street skateboarding include his pioneering of the flat ground ollie, the kickflip, the heelflip, and the 360-flip (or Tre-flip), among others.  

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After reaching the pinnacle in freestyle skateboarding, coupled with its dwindling popularity in favor of street skateboarding, Rodney joined the skateboarding team, Plan B Skateboards, in 1991, making his transition to the street complete. His endorsement of street skateboarding gave it the legitimacy it needed and propelled the sport to heights unforeseen.

In 1989, Mullen also became a co-founder and principal investor in World Industries, with the person whom he beat for his first world championship, Steve Rocco.

In 1997, Mullen started the skateboarding company, the A-Team, with fellow skateboarders, Marc Johnson, Gershon Mosley, Dave Mayhew, and Chet Thomas after Plan-B dissolved following founder Mike Ternasky‘s death.  

Mullen also started his own skateboard-truck-designing company, Tensor and co-founded another skateboard company, Almost Skateboard, with fellow skateboarder, Daewon Song.     

His investment in World Industries paid off, as when the company was sold in 2002 to Globe International for $46 million, Mullen and Rocco become multi-millionaires. Mullen also landed a job in Globe International under the Dwindle Distribution brand.

Mullen has also appeared in several skateboarding video games, including Tony Hawk‘s eponymous video-game franchise. 

Mullen has also authored an autobiography, titled, The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself, in 2003.

Rodney is also a noted speaker and has spoken on such diverse topics as spirituality, science, and invention. 

Rodney Mullen: Short Biography

Rodney Mullen was born John Rodney Mullen on August 17, 1966, in Gainesville, Florida. Born to dentist John Mullen and his wife, Ann P. Mullen, Rodney excelled despite being born with a pigeon-toed condition, and despite his father disapproving of his skateboarding. 

Personal Life And Marriage

 Rodney was married to a woman named Traci since April 2000. They subsequently separated.

Since 2013, he has been in a relationship with Lori Guidroz. 

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Lil Boosie-Albums, Girlfriend, Height, House, Songs, Age, Net Worth,

Boosie Badazz, aka Lil Boosie, is a rapper native to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who has been in the music industry since he was 14 years old. He struggled after the death of his father, which he has attributed as the turning point turning him to a future in rapping. 

In addition to his career as a rapper, he has also worked in a handful of movies that focus primarily on the struggles of growing up in a struggling ghetto. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Rapper Boosie Badazz Formerly Known As Lil Boosie?

The net worth of Boosie Badazz as of April 2020 is around $800 thousand. Some sources claim that his net worth is much higher at $5 million. He made this net worth from a career spanning more than 24 years as a rapper.

Boosie’s father struggled with drug addiction and died when Boosie was just 14 years old. He then started rapping and writing poetry. 

According to various online sources, the $20,000 to $30,000 earnings each from sponsorships also contributes substantially to his net worth.

Career Insight And Rough Beginnings  

After being turned to writing music and rapping following his father’s death, he was taught the ropes of the rapping business by Young Dee and rapper C-Loc from 1996. 

He joined Concentration Camp the same year. Concentration Camp consisted of Young Bleed, C-Loc, Happy Perez, Boo, Max Minelli, J-Von, Lee Tyme and Lucky Knuckles.

His eventual debut came when he debuted on C-Loc’s fifth album in 2000 titled ‘It’s A Gamble’. He found his footing in the group after Young Bleed. Then, Boosie released his debut album in the same year called Youngest of da Camp.

Then. He released another album independently after joining Trill Entertainment. He worked on Ghetto Stories, collaborating with Webbie in 2003. The next year in 2004, he collaborated with Webbie again on Trill Azz Mixtape Vol. 1.

The same year he came out with the sequel to Trill Azz Mixtape Vol. 1, titled Trill Azz Mixes II. After a few collaborations, he was signed by Warner Bros. Records in January 2005. 

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His first release after signing with Warner Bros. Records was Bad Ass Mixtape Vol.1. Following this release, he released Bad Azz, his first major-label album.

Then December 2008 saw the release of Lil Boosie Presents: Da Click. DJ Khaled also featured him on his song Out Here Grindin.

Some of his other works include Incarcerated, Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, BooPac, Badazz 3.5, Goat Talk etc.

In a similar fashion, his career on the film started in 2005 with the film Gangsta Musik. A year later, he released Bad Azz and On the Grind before taking a short hiatus and released Last Dayz in 2009. He also was a part of Ghetto Stories: The Movie that came out in 2010. 

Controversies: Trouble With The Law

In October 2008, Boosie was arrested after cops found marijuana and a gun in his car. He was sentenced to two years in jail after pleading guilty on September 22, 2009.

He later violated probation and was placed under house arrest. Similarly, he was sent to prison for 8 years after pleading guilty for drug-related charges.

Later on, on December 7, 2012, his lawyers got him an early release after arguing that the drug possession that he was sentenced for was a set-up.

Short Biography

Boosie Badazz was born Torrence Hatch Jr. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the U.S., on November 14, 1982, to Connie Hatch and Raymond Hatch. His father was a drug addict who passed away when Torrence was 14 years old.

Badazz has 8 children but is yet to reveal the details of his relationship to the public. However, he was seen with a girl at a basketball game.  

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